Glam Queen Doe Deere Reveals Success Secrets

A recent article appeared in about successful female entrepreneur Doe Deere. Few women entrepreneurs reach the heights of success like this entrepreneur did at such a rapid speed. Doe Deere is the media darling that also is the Lime Crime Creator. Her bold line of makeup has revolutionized the cosmetic world. Doe Deere walks the walk and talks the talk.

Doe Deere Beginnings
Doe Deere was like every little girl. This successful entrepreneur loved to play with colors at an early age. Mixing and matching wild colors appealed to her senses even at a young age. She would spend endless hours creating her own unique color combinations. Another one of her fun memories was about designing a makeup look for friends at a slumber party at the age of nine. Today, she is living out that childhood fantasy in style. She is amazed that she actually gets paid to do what she truly loves, which is playing with colors and design fantastic cosmetics. Perhaps, this is the true secret behind any successful man or woman. Design a career around something that you truly enjoy. This is the real key to success.

Doe Deere did a lot of experimenting in the early stages of her career. She was like a mad scientist looking for the right formula for her creation. It was those experiments with makeup that led to her discovering just the right fit for the Lime Crime cosmetic line. Well, Doe Deere must have done something right. Once she posted her innovative line of makeup on a website, the traffic exploded. That was back in 2008. Girls from all over the world were discovering her website and her wild line of makeup. Girls checked in on a regular basis to see her next wild new look.

Lime Crime Name Brand
Certainly, Lime Crime is a name that immediately gets your attention. Every entrepreneur should select a name that represents their product and is memorable. Certainly, Doe Deere has managed these tasks with style. However, fans might find it surprising that Doe Deere simply selected the name because it sounded cool and was available to register online. Still, the name has grown on the entrepreneur and her numerous fans. Now, a large league of her fans think Lime Crime stands for revolution. Perhaps, they are right. Read more about her success secrets here.

The Role Played By Corporate and Commercial Laws

Frans Schoeman on in partnership with his wife has built a law firm that serves the residents in Bellville in South Africa. He is one of the most reputed attorneys in the country and he has really worked hard to build a name and a business niche for himself in the legal practice. Frans has capitalized in creating connections and a good relationship with major companies in the country hence the growth of his firm’s popularity especially in the corporate world. Frans Schoeman and his firm has been making a good name in the legal practice especially with his several ground breaking wins.

Corporate and Commercial Law cover quite a broad range of areas that affect or influence business and with the rising technological advancement the spectrum has grown wider. Commerce as a field has many practices that require harmonization. Corporate and Commercial laws are therefore formulated to create the harmony required in the business world. These includes best practices, conduct of people in the business and organizations, as well as rules of engagement in different aspects of business. Commercial and corporate laws are well engraved within the confines of the civil laws and they touch on both the public and private laws.

As the world develops into a highly commercialized front, there has been a growing need to make things run smoothly and fairly for all players in the business world. Corporate and commercial laws seek to create operating frameworks within which the corporate and business communities can interact and engage in their daily operations in harmony. These laws cover the aspects of business engagements such as formations of companies, their dissolution, securities, getting into business contracts and their dissolution, issues to do with bankruptcy, financial services such as loans among other things. The above mentioned areas are some of the most volatile areas of concern in business today.

Corporate laws are laws that deal specifically with corporations and company laws in terms of formation requirements, dissolution, and contracts among other aspects of operation. However, it is important to note that corporate laws vary from one state to another as legislation may differ. However, in all states, it covers the well-being and operations of companies and corporations. This a re the laws that define companies and corporations as an artificial individual and allows the company to be liable in a court of law since it can sue or be sued as an independent entity.

Commercial laws are on the other hand the laws guiding any business engagement and they provide the guidelines and structures that are to be followed in conducting business. Commercial law governs the sale of goods and services among business people and between the company and the consumer. This law ensures that all parties, the consumers and the sellers are well protected and that there is a fair play in the industry.

Highland Capital Management Is Concerned About Brazil’s New Budget Strategy

James Dondero, the founder of Highland Capital Management, has been down this road before with Brazil investments. Mr. James Dondero has 30 years of experience in credit markets. He is one of the pioneers of the collateralized loan obligation. He managed $1 billion in fixed funds for American Express before he became the Chief Investment Officer for a Protective Life Subsidiary. Through the years, he has watched Brazil go through several financial struggles and political battles. The current state of the economy in Brazil is no surprise to Dondero, and he thinks the collapse of faith in the leadership of the country is no surprise either.

President Dilma Rousseff has demonstrated a lack of leadership when it comes to foreign investment strategy and other financial decisions. When the news broke that Standard & Poor downgraded the country’s credit rating, James Dondero and Highland Capital knew it was only a matter of time before other institutions would do the same. When that happens, a lot investors and foreign pension funds will have to unload Brazilian bonds, according to Dondero.

Now, the Brazilian government is trying to plug the shortfall in the 2016 budget by bringing back the extremely unpopular CPMF tax that is levied on financial transactions. Congress rejected an earlier move to reinstate the financial transaction tax. If it is passed this time, it will stay on the books for four years. The government is also cutting spending on low-cost housing projects, infrastructure improvements and government employee salaries. Those cuts and a few others will raise $R 32 billion in 2016, and that increase will show a slight budget surplus.

The government also plans to reduce subsidies paid to the chemical industry, and will cut the amount of refunds they give manufacturers of exported goods. The Rousseff plan will raise the capital gains tax by 30 percent, and those three moves will net the government another $R 3.8 billion next year. If those actions are passed by Congress, the shortfall of $R30 billion in the budget will be closed, and a surplus will be achieved. But according to Highland Capital Management those cuts are going to be hard to get through Congress because of Rousseff’s approval rating, and the fact that the Congress is opposed to new taxes.

The main worry, according to Dondero and other Highland Capital executives, is another downgrade by other agencies. If that happens hedge funds will take a beating and so will the Brazilian economy. Brazil’s finance minister said the country is going through difficult times and adjustments must be made in order to maintain financial stability.

What has to happen, according to Highland Capital and other financial companies is Brazil must correct its political situation first, and that means getting rid of President Rousseff. The Social Democratic Party in the country is trying to impeach her.

Economist, lecturer, writer and financial professional, Christian Broda continues to succeed

Christian Broda handles international and national economic and financial issues effortlessly. He has been able to predict the economy and for a large amount of time, he’s been accurate leading others to believe in him, therefore improving his credibility with his clients. As a graduate of Universidad de San Andres with his B.A., he showed no signs of stopping and continued by earning his M.A. and his Ph.D. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His success first began when he was chosen as an editorial board member for the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and IMF Economic Review.

Broda also became a professor at the University of Chicago where he taught at the Booth School of Business from 2005 – 2010. Broda began to use his knowledge when he became Lehman/Barclay’s Head of International Research. Broda was able to provide his students and employers with the latest economic information from several markets worldwide. To date, he is a well-known man who has become one of Duquesne Capital Management’s managing directors. Broda has become an asset to the company and their investors. With the success he’s had he has ventured out into more than just an economist and financial professional, he’s also added writer and lecturer to his resume. Broda has been in high demand as writer and has written several academic papers and articles concentrating in economics and finance.

He has also written on China and Japan’s economic and financial situations as well as articles on income inequality, wages, tax rebates and much more. His research has landed him to be published in economic journals such as American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Broda is known as one of the brightest young minds today in the finance and economic world. Broda shares the knowledge that he has received in areas such as hedge fund where he discusses how to start your own hedge fund. Some of the steps include: having a law firm relationship, choosing your prime broker, having a professional space and anchoring capital acquisition. Broda is affiliated with Journal of Development Economics where he serves as Associate Editor and has been since 2006.

Shaygan Kheradpir Inspires The Next Generation Of Technologists

The future of the next generation of technologists depends on prominent figures like Shaygan Kheradpir, to educate and empower individuals across the globe. Known for managing some of the world’s most powerful corporations, this leader hopes to encourage businessmen with his inspiring rise to success. Essentially, by utilizing his educational training and technology experiences, he has helped many major companies develop innovative products and services. Moreover, with specializations in control systems and network routing, he has led many operational teams in the construction of some of the most potent company applications.

Born in London but raised in Iran, Kheradpir understood the value of an education at an early age as his father was an ear, nose, and throat doctor. Upon completion of his high school studies at Aiglon College in Swizerland, he relocated to the United States to pursue electrical engineering at Cornell University. After many years of schooling, he earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree at this renowned institution.

Following his educational pursuit, Kheradpir embarked on his career at GTE Laboratories where he held many managerial roles in the IT department. In a few short years, he eventually assumed the role of Chief Information Officer by which he earned tremendous respect among his colleagues for implementing new products and services on schedule. After a merger between GTE Laboratories and Bell Atlantic, the lead executives launched Verizon in 2000. Consequently, Kheradpir served as the president of the company’s e-business division, before accepting a position as the first Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. His primary responsibility at this well-known telecommunications corporation was to manage a team of roughly 7,000 employees who worked hard to deliver innovative software. Essentially, this creative group greatly contributed to the construction of Verizon One, Verizon FiOs optics, and Iobi. In addition, Kheradpir and his colleagues revamped operations from predecessor companies including GTE, Bell Atlantic, and NYNEX as well as enhancing Verizon’s core features such as the automatic customer service system, call center, and website. Most prominently, his profound achievements at this major corporation led to the acquisition of prominent leadership positions at Barclays and Juniper Networks.

After 11 years of managing Verizon’s operations, Kheradpir joined Barclays where he served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank. Throughout his employment at this European based company, he continued on his product development pursuit by inventing Pingit, a mobile payments application. Subsequently, he was quickly promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer, however, he soon resigned from the company to work as the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks.

Get Your House Cleaned With Handy

A clean house is a great thing to come home to all the time. Walking in the door and realizing that everything is in place can be a great way to relax and feel omfortable. A clean house can also allow people to do important tasks such as inviting people over for dinner at a moment’s notice or simply inside for a cup of coffee. While it is nice to have a clean house, it can be very difficult for someone who is busy to make sure that their house is always as clean as they would like at all times.

In such cases, it often makes sense for the person in question to turn to others for help. They may want someone to come to their each day or just once or twice a month. Some people may only want someone they can get to help them get the house clean in order to prepare accurately for a formal dinner party. The ideal cleaning help will be there for the person when they need it and on the terms they need. They also need someone they can rely on when they need them for help at all times in life.

Finding the right help can be complicated. This is one of many reasons why people look for help from various sources. One of the best of such sources is an app called Handy. Handy on techcrunch is a highly useful means of getting in touch with companies in one’s area that can provide the user with access to local area cleaning companies that are willing to work with clients in order to help them get a clean house on their terms. The app allows those who need cleaning services to easily connect with those who want to provide them for others.

In this way, both of those involved in this transaction can be happy. The person using the app gets access to many potential cleaning services that will come to their house when they want them to do so for a price that the person finds fair as does the service in question. This way people who want to engage in house cleaning can easily find a list of clients that are willing to hire them and happy to have them provide such services.

The potential provider of such services can easily use the app to help them figure out what kind of cleaning services they would like to provide to what specific area. The person in need of such services can also find a list of potential companies that they know they can rely on to help them make sure that they have a clean house when they need to have such cleaning terms with the ideal cost for their needs.

Bruce Levenson; Hawkish on the Sale of NBA Franchise

The Atlanta Hawks ended up solidifying their best regular season effort in franchise history during the 2014-15 campaign with a 60-22 record. Bowing out to King James and the Cavs in the Eastern Conference finals in four straight, the upcoming season may provide a little incentive to come out of the East and make some noise in the NBA Finals. Even though the Hawks will be without all-star small forward DeMarre Carroll, the additions of Tim Hardaway Jr. and Tiago Splitter may provide some consistency, team chemistry, and depth in the Southeast Division and beyond.

Bruce Levenson, former owner of the Hawks, capitalized on the premise of a team with present and future promise, thus relinquishing ownership to some well-known names in the business world and the hardwood as well. Although Levenson’s asking price isn’t exactly what he’d hoped for ($1 billion), he sold the Hawks for $850 million to billionaire businessman Antony Ressler, investor Jesse Itzler, Spanx founder Sara Blakely, and former NBA star and future Hall-of-Famer Grant Hill. The timely sale of the team by Levenson may mark the beginning of a new era for the Hawks as they enter training camp with high hopes and talent to match.

While the Atlanta faithful haven’t seen an NBA Championship banner since the team relocated from St. Louis in 1968, changing all of that starts at the top and should trickle down to onto the court.

The Hawks are a virtual shoe-in to make the playoffs, provided the team stays relatively healthy throughout the season. Led by the likes of Al Horford, Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver and Paul Milsap, Splitter can fill in at both the power forward and center positions while plugging up the paint and improving upon his post-up and pick-and-pop; Hardaway’s scoring capabilities may end up filling the void left by Carroll, which can add some extra life to the team’s solid nucleus of players.

As it stands, the Eastern Conference has two other projected legit contenders: the Chicago Bulls, and then the almighty Cavs, an injury-riddled team that conceded to the Golden State Warriors in six games during last season’s NBA Finals.

The Western Conference is an all-out traffic jam when it comes to contenders, starting with Golden State and eight other teams that had winning records by the end of the 2015 regular season. While the GSWs are poised to win it all again, NBA franchises and fans know that anything can happen during the course of a long and grueling season.

No matter the case, the Atlanta Hawks should be right in the thick of things as the season progresses.

Andy Wirth’s View on the Drought


Andy Wirth is the current President as well as the current CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. He has held this title for 5 years and has improved the ski resort so much that it is currently in the top 20 percent of ski resorts in the United States. The prior CEO of Squaw Valley was Nancy Cushing whose late-husband had procured the land from the previous owner.

One of the most pressing matters on everyone’s mind is the California drought. Millions of people have reduced water consumption through taking less showers, reducing sprinkler time, as well as water running time in general. Mr. Wirth, being the President of a ski resort, addressed the problems that he has faced with the drought with KCRW.

Mr. Wirth, being the owner of two merged ski resorts (Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows) discussed the drought through his own perspective. Despite the fact that there are some set backs with the drought, Mr. Wirth looks on this drought as being a good thing. This necessity of snow and cold weather has taught him and his team to conserve snow. When Mr. Wirth is asked how many winters his resort can remain in business, Mr. Wirth responds “an infinite number”. Despite there being less snow in the Tahoe Valley, the resort has over 6,000 acres of snowy lands to use.

Last winter, only 4,000 acres were open to the public, however Wirth is not distressed by this. Mr. Wirth even made the comment of investing in the snow making business. If anything, the lack of snow is actually good for business. If more and more ski enthusiasts realize that the Squaw Valley Ski Resort still has snow covered mountains, they will come flocking.

In addition to this, Mr. Wirth makes the comment that skiing and snowboarding are not the only activities that are open to the public. There are many festivals held on his property during the summer time which could carryout through the winter.

California has been receiving 27 percent less water than normal. This means that everyone must conserve water. This, in Mr. Wirth’s eyes is a good thing. This teaches people to conserve more and to consume less. In the long run, this should be how people use our natural resources.