Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides in Action in Napa

Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company whose success is due in part to the dedication of their wine guides. In a recent publication of NorCal News, a group of wine guides visited the Napa Valley area and shared their tips for having a great visit. The article showcases many non-wine-centered activities such as a visit to Auberge Spa and a stop at the Napa Valley Historical Society. The article showcases the knowledge and generosity of the wine guides who work for Traveling Vineyard. These guides are pros with helping historical place enjoy wine as they learn more about it in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The Traveling Vineyard business model is centered around privately hosted wine tasting events that allow wine guides to teach the guests the finer points of the exclusive wines offered through Traveling Vineyard. The guides do not need to be wine experts, but wine enthusiasts that want to learn more and in turn pass that knowledge on to others. The guides work directly with the hosts of the wine tasting events to help them to pair appropriate food with the wines and encourage them to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Wine guides are able to create the career that they want outside of a typical nine to five office schedule. With multiple ways to make money and qualify for free trips, the guides have a great opportunity to make as much money as they like. Guides set their own schedules and the position allows them a great deal of flexibility. The role of the guide is to create an informative wine tasting event that encourages the participants to learn more about wine in an environment that is not intimidating or judgmental.

Traveling Vineyard definitely encourages a lot of fun at the wine tasting events and the guides are encouraged to share their event photos on the company’s social media platforms. Fun is the name of the game and there is no doubt that the Traveling Vineyard wine guides and their guests are having a lot of it! It’s worth a look if you love wine!