Avi Weisfogel And The World Of Sleep

Sleep apnea is a known disorder that causes breathing pauses during sleep. It may cause disruption when sleeping resulting into excess sleeping during day time; patients may wake up to 30 times due to poor quality sleep. There is no blood test can diagnose sleep apnea hence many people go undiagnosed. Sleep physicians and dentists have however come together to give clinical assistance to patients suffering from sleep apnea. Most of them have even set aside part of their practices to diagnose sleep apnea and treat it. Previously patients were not responsive to sleep apnea treatments since most of the medical procedures were uncomfortable and others involved very noisy methods that made many patients reluctant to seek treatment. However, over the years advancements have been made to the process to make it more patient-friendly, this has encouraged many patients to seek medical assistance readily.


Avi Weisfogel is a dentist with significant expertise in sleep disorders and treatments. He attained a BA in biology and psychology and a DDS from Rutgers University and New York University College of Dentistry respectively. Founded his medical practice, Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and has since earned the Best Dentist title from the community. Avi was always fascinated by the world of sleep, therefore, explored it. Researching on various sleep disorders and finding ways to treat them Avi established programs to aid in his medical adventure. In 2010 he formed Healthy Heart Sleep, an advisory firm to physicians concerning the establishment and management of sleep labs. In 2012 after establishing the Unlimited Sleep Patient, Avi Weisfogel gave lectures on ways of increasing and assisting sleep patients.


It was in 2012 that Weisfogel came up with Dental Sleep Matters, a program that was set to identify and provide solutions to sleep disorders. He used his knowledge on sleep apnea to determine patients with sleep disorders and assist with treatment. The program’s primary objective was to shed more light on sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. This program gave a conducive environment for both patients and physicians; to treat the patient and offer subsequent opportunities to the medical field.