End Citizens United was established on 1st March 2015. It is a committee group that is funded by the citizens of America. They are committed to solving problems and effects of Citizens United and bringing in a reformed campaign finance system. The committee is geared to show elected members, candidates, voters, and the media that the people are fighting back against the increasing number of the rich people within country who are trying to buy the elections. Their main agenda is coming up with a strategy that will work towards transforming the finance issues and try to make the lawmakers take the appropriate measures. The mission of the organization is to eliminate the use of much money in politics and to do away with the corrupt political system by electing the right people into office and passing of the necessary measures. These people will work towards reversing the Citizens United thus reducing the amount of money and corruption witnessed in the American politics.



All this will work out by electing the right candidates, making the issue of money in politics a national issue \and more so using the common people to reveal political power surrounding the issue of campaign money. The committee is in support of the Democrats because they are at the fore front in fighting the domination of a few billionaires and as a result of this they feel that with their leadership a change will happen. The committee stands for the vying candidates who are regularly attacked by groups of people who are well connected and who only pursue their own personal interests. Additionally, there are some independent voters and a few Republicans who concur with the fact that too much money is spent on American Politics. On the contrary other Republican leaders in Congress are against the advancement of the reforms.



End Citizens United is very transparent when it comes to spending. Recently they submitted their files to the Federal Elections Commission in February 20th 2017. It has also selected a group of veteran Democrats to its board of directors who are committed and dedicated to see that there is an adequate control of money in the politics of America. The committee wants to participate largely in campaigning finance reforms and its planning to provide funds to the Democrats candidates running in various seats in the country. The committee has also written a petition to seek out congress to change the Supreme Court’s Citizen United Decision. They are also planning to set up some funds to help the candidates be heard through different advertising platforms. The people of America have high hopes that End Citizens United will get through this and more so that their voice in elections will be heard again.


PolitiFact Destroys George Soros Conspiracy Theory

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee on Biography, recently called the Republican primary process a traveling clown car during an interview on the Daily Show. And she might be right, especially when you look at the recent advertisements run by The Trusted Leadership super PAC supporting Ted Cruz. It seems that the Ted Cruz campaign has stooped to a new low even after the revelation that the campaign made cold calls to Iowa Republican households falsely telling them that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race just before the Iowa caucus. This time, the Cruz campaign is lying with a television and the new targets are George Soros and John Kasich.

The attack ad shows unflattering images of both George Soros, the 85-year-old liberal financier, and Republican presidential candidate and current Ohio Governor John Kasich. The television ad claims that George Soros is funding A New Day for America on http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says, the super PAC supporting John Kasich. The ad is trying to convince viewers that George Soros is using a super PAC to hide his campaign contributions in order to secretly fund the John Kasich campaign. It also claims that George Soros on twitter donations were made through two intermediaries, who just so happen to be former employees of Soros. And by associating Kasich with the ultra-liberal Soros, Cruz can tarnish the Governor’s conservative image and steal votes from him.

PolitiFact Ohio just ran an article interviewing political science professor Tom Sutter. The professor goes on in-length to describe all the ways that this accusation is unreasonable and downright silly. First of all, super PACs allow billionaires like George Soros to make unlimited contributions out in the open. 85-year-old man like Soros have nothing to hide and is quite telling if you read any interview with Soros, so this accusation is false. If he was financing Kasich’s campaign, he would do it more boldly, not through shady intermediaries.

PolitiFact on nytimes.com also did its homework on the alleged intermediaries of George Soros. It turns out that they are former employees, one currently running a hedge fund with seed money received from Soros. These former employees are not his henchmen and they both have a proven track record of political contributions to conservative candidates, including John Kasich. They just happen to be old friends of George Soros that disagree with him politically.

The ad also makes it clear that John Kasich is receiving this cash willingly. But as the political science professor points out in the PolitiFact article, John Kasich has no control over and super PAC and is prohibited from communicating with them. Another lie from the Ted Cruz campaign.