Purina Pet Care

People have always loved their pets. Pets are sometimes treated better than blood relatives. Our pets are occasionally the only creatures that can tolerate our flaws unconditionally without judging us in our darkest moments. Our animals stick by our side and even protect us. Many animal enthusiasts have even attempted to arrange holidays on behalf of pets with historical connections.

One company that pet lovers can trust is the Purina brand. Purina is a company based in St Louis, Missouri and is also a subsidiary of the company Nestle, which of course is a leader in manufacturing snacks. The brand Purina was created by combining Ralston Purina with Nestle’s friskies Petcare Comoany. Purina is the largest pet care company in the United States and the second largest globally. The merger was originally opposed by consumer advocates. This was mostly due to anti trust laws concerning the merging company. When the merger was approved, Purina gained 45% of the marketshare for the pet care industry. The companies Friskies, Beneful, Purina Pro Plan, and Purina ONE are all under the Purina brand.

By 2009, Purina had become Nestle’s fastest growing brand. This was in part due to customers demand for high quality pet goods at a fair price, enabling consumers to spend more for higher ranked products. This resulted in different brands being created to satisfy Purina customers with different buying needs. For instance, the brand Alpo was formed in order to satisfy consumers who were considered bargain shoppers while Beneful and Purina One are for shoppers with a larger budget who focus less on quantity. Purina One has been the quickest growing brand out of the bunch. Of course they not only market food products, but Purina also sells other products such as toys, leashes, and training pads.

Most of the success of the brand comes from both marketing and branding. They are clever in making sure they introduce brands that focus on pet owners individual needs. An example would be Purina Pro for older animals. Another clever feature is the usage of sponsored email applications such as “Doggie Mail” that sends messages across the web using a talking dog.

In 2009, Purina sponsored a a website called Pawnation.com. This web platform was built by AOL, which hosted crowd-sourced videos, forums, and other information regarding pet ownership. It is used to share ideas and educate consumers on how to properly take care of there pets. People can also find ways to network with pet lovers by reading up on events.

Purina was also a sponsor on Living Omnimedia, which was a site developed by Martha Stewart to promote pet tips. In 2009 Purina introduced a free mobile phone application called “petcentric places” that allows users to locate nearby pet related locations, such as pet stores, pet friendly facilities, and pet hospitals. The year after that, Purina launched a Facebook game called “Purina Pet Resort”, where users manage a pet resort.

Purina has won accolades for the quality product they market. In 2010 Purina Pet-care won the “Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award focusing on organizational and manufacturing performance”. This is due to a focus on quality control and continuous improvement. They continue to grow as new brands are added to the company.