The True Strength Of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park was a small girl when she saw her father arrested and sentenced and sent away to a labor camp. In interviews that she has given, she has stated that her father was to only spend one year in the labor camp, and he ended up serving more than ten years. It was during this time that she had decided that something must change in her life. The family lived near the northern most border of North Korea, so they had the ability to see into the land of China. One thing that she vividly remembers is that at night the nearest Chinese city was all lit up. Northern Korea, in her town, did not have lights. She also recalls that the famine and severe hunger that she suffered after her father went to the prison camp was something new and strange for her. Both her mother and father served he North Korean government and until the arrest the family had lived pretty well shielded from the pestilence that plagued the remainder of the city. Many say that the girl is making the entire recollection up, but the emotions showed in interviews and many of the facts can be substantiated. It ay well be that Ms. Yeonmi Park saw some things that only the poorest could experience. It may also be that when all of this happened that she was a young child and she saw things differently than an adult would. No matter why the story seems for some to be filled with lies, Yeonmi and her mother still state that it is true and that they lived through it. They fought to get out of North Korea, and then had to fight for their own survival once they got into China.As a young girl she was raped, near death, and suffered severe hunger. Many time Yeonmi of youngvoicesadvocates did not even know if she would live to see another day. Oppressive governments can be truly hard on the people that they rule over. The world is aware of the human rights violations that North Korea perpetrates on their people, so this story should not prove to be so much of a shock.