Securus Technologies Getting Bigger and Better

Rick Smith is the head of Securus Technologies headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is dedicated to improving his company’s concepts about communication connecting the prisoners with attorneys, friends, and family on the outside. Securus recently acquired JPay Inc., an electronic payment system being used in prison facilities in 33 states. On June 7, 2016, Securus sent out a press release listing numerous criticisms of Global Tel Link (GTL) and that company’s accused business wrongdoings which in a report by PR Newswire include overcharging customers and falsifying actual times reporting on accounts held by the friends and family paying for communications from outside the prison, itself.

Securus America has committed itself to bridge the communication gap between those in prison paying for their crimes and friends and family of the convicted having to pay to stay in contact with those convicted. Sadly, the responsibility to maintain the emotional connection has in the past been placed on those outside the institution, itself. But with Securus, that is rapidly changing. No longer is it necessary to drive to a facility housing the convicted and facing dehumanizing conditions including the indignity of full body searches. No more long, exhausting drives and the lodging expenses for those who want and need to visit their loved ones. Thanks to Securus an almost intimate video and audio experience has been made possible. While the charges for this monitored audio and video call may seem expensive, the costs are much smaller and pale in comparison to the emotional and monetary costs faced by having to visit the facility and to be subjected to the harshness and near barbarity of the facility, and only at a time which is convenient for the institution and not for the visitor.

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The Role Played By Corporate and Commercial Laws

Frans Schoeman on in partnership with his wife has built a law firm that serves the residents in Bellville in South Africa. He is one of the most reputed attorneys in the country and he has really worked hard to build a name and a business niche for himself in the legal practice. Frans has capitalized in creating connections and a good relationship with major companies in the country hence the growth of his firm’s popularity especially in the corporate world. Frans Schoeman and his firm has been making a good name in the legal practice especially with his several ground breaking wins.

Corporate and Commercial Law cover quite a broad range of areas that affect or influence business and with the rising technological advancement the spectrum has grown wider. Commerce as a field has many practices that require harmonization. Corporate and Commercial laws are therefore formulated to create the harmony required in the business world. These includes best practices, conduct of people in the business and organizations, as well as rules of engagement in different aspects of business. Commercial and corporate laws are well engraved within the confines of the civil laws and they touch on both the public and private laws.

As the world develops into a highly commercialized front, there has been a growing need to make things run smoothly and fairly for all players in the business world. Corporate and commercial laws seek to create operating frameworks within which the corporate and business communities can interact and engage in their daily operations in harmony. These laws cover the aspects of business engagements such as formations of companies, their dissolution, securities, getting into business contracts and their dissolution, issues to do with bankruptcy, financial services such as loans among other things. The above mentioned areas are some of the most volatile areas of concern in business today.

Corporate laws are laws that deal specifically with corporations and company laws in terms of formation requirements, dissolution, and contracts among other aspects of operation. However, it is important to note that corporate laws vary from one state to another as legislation may differ. However, in all states, it covers the well-being and operations of companies and corporations. This a re the laws that define companies and corporations as an artificial individual and allows the company to be liable in a court of law since it can sue or be sued as an independent entity.

Commercial laws are on the other hand the laws guiding any business engagement and they provide the guidelines and structures that are to be followed in conducting business. Commercial law governs the sale of goods and services among business people and between the company and the consumer. This law ensures that all parties, the consumers and the sellers are well protected and that there is a fair play in the industry.