Gourmet Pet Food Market is On Rise


The market for organic and natural human food has really hit it big, and as a result natural and organic food for our furry friends is making a big dent in the market too. Some of the food marketed towards pets is almost good enough for humans to eat and looks just like the food that we eat. Pet owners are increasingly concerned with the health and nutrition of their dogs and cats, and market trends reflect that.

Small pet food companies such as Freshpet, Inc specialize in this kind of pet food. In a recent article posted in the business section of the Daily Herald, the manufacturing chef was featured eating a slice of this gourmet pet food, which is currently the only industrial refridgerated pet food on the market. Even some of the bigger names in Pet Food have entered the organic gourmet market.

Specially dog food is nothing new. Gourmet pet food makers have been adding whole salmon and chicken to dog and cat food for years. But this new pet food trend takes it to a whole new level. Mars’ Ceasar Delights is a line of dog food that is designed to look just like people food and is marketed as such. They sell lasangna and beef stroganoff for dogs. Nestle allows pet owners to customize the ingredients in their pets food online as a way of optimizing nutrition.

Even one of the biggest names in pet food Purina, has it’s own line of gourmet dog food that is intended to be real healthy food. Beneful is a line under the Purina name that offers fresh healthy food for dogs. They offer a variety of options, and promise ingredients like fresh whole grains, and whole salmon, chicken, peas, and carrots. Until recently this kind of food was something dogs could only steal off of their owners plates.

Other offerings that Beneful has include a special line of dog treats that are designed to keep dogs teeth and gums healthy. Dog owners know just how important it is to keep the teen of dogs clean, but it is nearly impossible to brush a dogs teath. Solutions like this are what make the gourmet dog food market so profitable.