Kabbalah, the closely guarded wisdom

Madonna developed an interest in Jewish mysticism to a point which she opened up various Kabbalah centers as well as invested heavily in learning the ancient tradition of the Jews. During that duration, various Hollywood stars expressed similar interest in the Jewish teachings at the Kabbalah Centre.

Some of the Hollywood stars included the late Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the late Sammy Davis, Sandra Bernhard and the late Marilyn Monroe.The big question is, why would a notable celebrity in Hollywood become so interested in Jewish mysticism to a level of practicing it daily? Besides, most of them even converted their religion to Judaism.

As a result of being deeply immersed in Judaism, they have testified some the benefits that they have acquired in the long run. For instance, Sandra Bernhard said to the Loss Angeles Times that Kabbalah Centre did away with at least 80 percent chaos in her life.

On the hand, Paris Hilton noted in the Great Britain’s More Magazine that when she split with Nick Carter, she coped up with the situation by heading to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles times where she narrated to everyone concerning the break-up and got a brand new red string Kabbalah bracelet. She visits the place frequently, and that habit has helped her deal and contain her life’s mysteries.

Kabbalah Centre website describes Kabbalah an ancient acumen that presents practical tools for creating joy as well as a lasting satisfaction. It is a spectacular system which will completely alter the way one views the universe. It educates on the profound insight essence of the supernatural being and the purpose of creation. Besides, it presents an all-inclusive structure and plan for the universe. As a matter of fact, Kabbalah Centre has played a significant role in solving some of the mysteries of life.

The non profit organization, Kabbalah Center International based in Los Angeles provides courses on the Zohar as well as well Kabbalistic online teachings and through various worldwide study groups. Philip Berg and his wife developed the Kabbalah presentation.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag was the first Kabbalist master to revise this closely guarded acumen in 1922.

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