Yeonmi Park’s Long Walk To Freedom

North Korea remains one of the most mysterious and controversial nations in the world, but has recently seen a little of the veil of secrecy slip with the publication of a memoir by defector Yeonmi Park. After spending almost two years enduring a battle simply to survive the student has published a memoir detailing the journey to freedom Yeonmi Park and her mother undertook; the Amazon released memoir, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” also provides a glimpse into life within this notoriously secret society.

Yeonmi Park has seen and lived almost every aspect of life in North Korea after being born into a family that was part of the elite of the country, but found herself living with the poorest people in the country after a decision to trade on the black market by her father led to his imprisonment. One of the most shocking aspects of the book is the revelation that starvation and humanitarian problems affect people in all areas of North Korean society on an almost daily basis.

Yeonmi Park was inspired to seek out the freedoms we all take for granted after watching Hollywood movies and dreaming of the freedoms most people take for granted in the western world. In 2007, Park, her mother and sister crossed freezing waters into China and placed their lives in the hands of human traffickers; the issue of abuse and trafficking has become one Yeonmi Park has highlighted in her speeches and writings that are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Despite the success Yeonmi Park has found as a human rights activist she has not forgotten the people of her own country who remain stranded behind the borders of the communist country. Park now combines her studies with a busy life as a human rights activist, which has seen her tell her own story that can be watched on Youtube at the One World Summit in Dublin, Ireland and write for some of the best known publications in the world.