Healthcare is Big in 2015: Companies to Watch

The healthcare industry means many different things to everyday people: service, care, management, innovation, technology. But if there’s one thing anyone can agree on, it’s that healthcare is changing and it’s changing fast. With the Affordable Care Act pressuring companies to adapt new regulations in the industry, 2015 has been an especially busy year. While some consider these changes a portent of doom, others have used these circumstances to improve their offerings, patient satisfaction rates, procedural techniques, and spring ahead of the competition. Companies such as Aetna, Amerisource, CVS Health, and Walgreens have been doing especially well of late, moving up in the Fortune 500’s list of best companies, and gaining ground within the healthcare sector as a whole.

But with such huge players battling it out, it’s hard to see anyone else getting in the way; however, certain savvy groups have managed to use market circumstances to their advantage. Nobilis Health Corporation–which specializes in affordable, minimally-invasive procedures–is one rising star to keep close watch on.

Nobilis Health is listed on both the NYSE (HLTH) and TSX (NHC) respectively. Their services include healthcare development and management of over 100 surgical centers, which provide superb medical care, high levels of patient trust and satisfaction, and lower costs for patients.

Nobilis is run by an experienced and successful team of industry veterans. Chief Executive Officer Chris Lloyd has owned and managed several successful ventures, while keeping close ties to the health industry through Athas Health LLC, which focuses on chronic pain relief. Kenny Klein, Chief Financial Officer, has almost 30 years’ experience in management, financial accounting, human resources, and auditing in healthcare, construction, and finance. Executive Vice President of Sales Patrick Yoder has been with Nobilis since 2014, having held sales leadership positions in major healthcare giants such as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic, and Intuitive Surgical. In his current role, Mr. Yoder leads in all strategies related to staff recruitment and retention. With their support, and many other’s within and without, the company has seen marked success, as shown by its value to investors.

Shares have rallied nearly 400% over the last six months, bringing Nobilis funding and bright prospects for continued expansion and exceptional patient care. In addition to monetary infusion, Nobilis has dedicated itself to streamlining services by removing bulk, repaying many outstanding debts, and developing relationships with companies such as GE Capital.

Nobilis and other like-minded companies show that healthcare in the United States has been taking off in new and innovative directions, despite what some may say about the state of the economy or any political grumblings. Before the end of 2015, it will be interesting to see how companies try to outmaneuver each other in their race to the top.