Fabletics Gains More Attention With New Changes

Fabletics is growing, and the competition is growing as well. Kate Hudson realizes that she has to do something about this in order to maintain her spot as one of the athletic clothing leaders. What she has managed to do in recent months is make some very big announcements that will solidify her brand and give her access to a whole new spectrum of customers.


All of her hard work is paying off, and it appears that people are taking notice of the partnership that she has with Demi Lovato. This is one aspect of her new phase in pushing the Fabletics brand forward. She has become a popular entrepreneur for the clothing brand because she has promoted it relentlessly. Demi has managed to build a very strong marketing campaign in a short amount of time.


Her ability to move so quickly and build this marketing campaign for Fabletics is largely based on her celebrity status. She is someone that millions of movie fans are familiar with, and even more people have become familiar with her as she stars in the commercials for Fabletics.


Kate has done her best to bring somebody to the Fabletics commercials and she brings a wide range of selections to the website. There are over thousands of garments that are available on this website, and that is one of the drawing factors that makes consumers return to this site over and over again. They may look and make purchases, but they know that there’s always something more that they can find when they come back to the site for a second or third time.


What Kate Hudson really wants to do is compete with Amazon by building a brand that has a lot more variety than the Amazon website has. So far she has made it possible for people to even sign up for automatic shipments so that they can get something new every month. This is all part of her strategy to show consumers just how diverse her brand of athletic clothing is.


Kate Hudson is also making announcements about more new stores that are opening and upcoming months. She has several stores that are going to open by the end of 2017, and she plans to open as many as 100 in the next five years. This is a very exciting time for Fabletics, and people are getting excited all the new changes.

Wengies Fun Edible School Supplies

Wengie is a very popular YouTube video content creator who was originally born in China and moved to Australia when she was a very young girl. She is currently one of the top YouTube beauty bloggers and vloggers in the world. She has over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and has millions of subscribers on her blog as well as her social media sites. One of her most popular videos to date with more than 18 million views is her DIY edible school supplies video. Throughout this video




Wengie shares a bunch of fun creative ideas for making school supplies. Below are three of the top DIY edible school supplies Wengie shows her viewers how to make.


  1. Tasty Markers. Wengie shares a cool and unique way to get markers that taste like a variety of different flavors. Not only is it very simple to do but it also requires a very simple list of ingredients that most people have right at home.


  1. Delicious candy glue stick. Wengie shares a creative idea on how to get a tasty candy glue stick. It requires very little ingredients and is very simple to make.


  1. Yummy pencil shavings. Wengie shares a great tip on how to make edible pencil shavings. It is very simple to do and it’s also safe and delicious to eat.


These are just three of the fun edible school supply items that Wengie makes in her video. She also makes a variety of other fun and innovative supplies.