Eric Pulier’s thinking Big

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey. Though he went to school, his education is not the sole reason behind his intelligence. This is because he started programming computers when he was a fourth-grader. He finished his high school studies in 1984 and by that time, he had already commenced his database computer company.

After high school, he enrolled to Harvard University. While at the institution, he became the editor of the daily school newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. From Harvard, he graduated with a bachelor of arts in English and American literature. One can still view most of his editorial work on the Harvard Writer profile. Among the topics that he covered which made him famous are dangers of terrorism and the stigma associated with having a Harvard degree. In the year 1991, Eric Pulier went to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles.

As an entrepreneur, Eric has had some success stories such as founding the Xprize initiative. This is a competition which gives away various prizes to individuals who are able and are willing to go an extra mile to meet their full potential. The aim behind Eric Pulier starting this program was to reward teens with great determination for their success.

Eric has a soft spot in his heart for the less fortunate and so, he has dedicated part of his life in helping them and in philanthropy. He educated those with Multiple Sclerosis through a media platform. Together with Norman Schwarzkopf, Peter Samuelson, and Stephen Spielberg they formed Starbright World which was the first private social media network.

When asked how his typical day normally looks like, he begins by saying that first, he ensures that he gets enough night rest. As a father of four children, he says his day is usually bombarded with many activities some of which he had not planned for! He wakes up to read before his children get up and later prepares them for school. He likes taking each task at a time so he can give his best.

Eric Pullier says that one thing that has made him successful is being persistent. Though things might not come out the way you had planned, Eric believes that you should keep pushing on. According to him, good entrepreneurs should be able to adjust and remain optimistic.