Magnises Targets To Create Private Clubs And Social Networks For High Society Millennials

For jet seat millennials to survive in a huge city like New York, they need a stable income and a good apartment in a good part of the city. However, with their busy schedules, time is rarely on their side, and when they do get time, it comes in a moment’s notice, therefore, finding a last minute event to attend becomes a challenge on Another challenge is going out alone in a huge city because getting your friends to go out with you at the last minute is a challenge all by itself.

Magnises Club solves this problem. It is a club which brings elite people from different professional fields together. Magnises club is a high-class social club founded by Billy McFarland that hosts elite events. These events are classy, vibrant, and they provide a platform for Magnises to network with up to par people from various professions. Magnises events are held in the swankiest locations such as lofts, private planes, and boats. A member of Magnises also has access to the backstage of concerts and celebrity after parties.

The company is leveraging on online social networks to bring them into the real physical world that is accessible to only the paying members. Some are calling Magnises a lifestyle startup due to the company’s service of providing its members a lush life. With all its glory of providing access to private events, the Magnises is also practical too. You can use it to make payments just like in a regular debit or credit card. The Magnises card also provides benefits such as an app-based social assistance, VIP club access, and hotel discounts.

Mr. McFarland, the founder of Magnises, claims that the aim of the company is to integrate millennials into their cities. Mr. McFarland, a 23-year old, dropped out of college during his sophomore year and founded the company in 2013. Since then the company has over 12,000 members in New York and Washington DC paying an annual fee of $250 and has raised over $4 million in venture funding on Mr. McFarland expects the company to generate $5 million in revenues in 2016.

Being only in two locations, New York and Washington, Magnises is seeking to expand and has plans to launch in Chicago, LA, and Boston during the year. Members of Magnises have nothing but praise for the club with one member claiming she went to a hockey game where she was treated to front row seats and an open bar. Another member was full of praise for the Magnises community. He claimed that the best value he got from attending a Magnises event was connecting and collaborating with people in his fashion industry.

Magnises prides itself in creating a common ground where professionals ranging from finance, tech, fashion, artists, arts, etc. can come together and grow their networks beyond their professional fields. For one to become a member, they have to fill out an online application which is carefully examined by the Magnises team before they can approve. Magnises targets people of ages 21 to 35 years with 85% of its members being between ages 21 and 29 years.

3 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do To Protect Their Online Reputation


Its no secret that reputation is everything. Especially in the internet age where people can write a review on Facebook and watch it go viral in a matter of minutes. If you are an entrepreneur, no matter what type of business you are in, protecting your online reputation is one of the most important things you will ever do.

Here are 3 simple things you can do right now to protect your online reputation:

#1 – Be Proactive

The best way to protect your online reputation is to be proactive instead of reactive. Most companies wait until the damage has been done before reaching out to an online reputation management company for help. Some companies don’t even realize they have a problem until sales start declining… THEN they seek internet reputation repair. No good.

While you can fix bad reviews, it can take months, and in some cases years, to do so. That’s why your number one goal should be avoiding getting to that point in the first place. You should focus on controlling the top 20 spots in Google and all other major search engines. An online reputation management service can be helpful with that.

When you control the top 20 spots, it will be very difficult for any negative information to suddenly appear on the first page of the search engines.

#2 – Own Your Brand Name On All Major Social Media

It is vital you claim your brand name on all major social media networks before anyone else does. Even if you have no plans of posting to them anytime soon, having them is still a great way to control your online reputation. The top 7 social media platforms you should set up accounts on are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

#3 – Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization

Google rewards websites and blogs that are properly optimized for the search engines. The number one rule of search engine optimization is to create content you know your users will love. Its all about providing as much value as you can. After you provide value you can focus on sprinkling in various keywords throughout the content. This is what will tell Google what your page is all about.

The Search Fixers Can Fix Your Results

When negative press gets in the way of your business, The Search Fixers can help you get back on track. Their team of professional reputation management consultants will create content that helps you tell YOUR story the way YOU want it to be told.

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Fabletics’ Plans to Open More Stores

Fabletics is a new fashion company that majorly deals with fashionable yoga pants. Its products are affordable since they offer discounts to their customers. The co-founder of the business, Kate Hudson, designs her apparels to make the consumer feel sexy. Different types of memberships are offered by the company to its members, and the best of all is the VIP membership. VIP shoppers buy clothes at a lower price for example; they pay only 49.95 dollars for three Fabletics that have a regular price of 100 dollars.

Products from the company’s pins are sold online. VIP members get a recommendation of the best outfits for them every month. The company sends a new set of handpicked outfits to the user on every first day of the month. The user logs into her Fabletics account at the beginning of the month to make a selection or to choose the ‘skip this month’ option. If the consumer fails to log in by the fifth of every month, 49.95 dollars, which is the minimum cost of an outfit, is credited to their account. The handpicked outfits are not shipped without approval, and the consumer can use the 49.95 dollars credited to her account in making a different purchase. Membership can be canceled by calling 1-844-322-5384. Customers can return products for exchange for free and a restocking fee of 5.95 dollars is charged by the company if the client asks for a refund.

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Fabletics is currently growing at a fast rate. The company has a plan of opening about seventy-five to one hundred physical stores in the next five years or less. The brand currently owns six stores, and it has a plan of opening the seventh one this spring. The stores will enable the shoppers to try the Fabletics clothing by fitting themselves and also give the company’s staff a platform of encouraging the customers to subscribe to its online service. The advantages of the online service are the great discounts that customers enjoy when the products are sent to them once a month and charged on their credit card.

The co-CEO of JustFab (The parent company of Fabletics), Mr. Adam Goldenberg, told the Forbes magazine that the firm has been receiving complaints from users who do not understand the subscription service, but currently, the complaints have reduced to about 5 to 10 per month. He still considers the complaints as too many even though the company sells about 800,000 commodities each month. This is an indicator that the customers like the program. Forbes research through the Better Business Bureau on the effectiveness of the JustFab online distribution systems indicated that the company currently receives few problems about its service. All subsidiaries of the enterprise such as Fabletics are currently listed separately.

Learn more about Fabletics:

Madison Street Capital CFO Earns Prestigious Award


The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts has recently recognized chief operating officer and co founder of Madison Street Capital Anthony Marsala for outstanding contributions in corporate finance. Anthony Marsala was chosen among over 100 individuals in the field of corporate finance and was recognized as the top professional in this field. Marsala was recognized in the association’s 40 under 40 program which awards young finance professionals with distinction. The association awards professionals who have demonstrated a high level of achievement in fields such as mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, litigation consulting and financial forensics. Since there were a number of highly qualified candidates, the judges had to be very selective with who they choose and Marsala was able to earn the top recognition among all of the top candidates.

Anthony Marsala was chosen as among the top finance professionals by the NAVCA. In the 40 under 40 program, the NAVCA recognizes professionals who distinguish themselves by showing strong leadership, visionary principles and performance in accounting and financial consulting.

In terms of Marsala’s background, he is the current co founder and chief operating officer of Madison Street Capital LLC. He graduated with a degree in finance and then went on to business school to further his education. After finishing business school, Marsala began to become a top contributor in terms of leading and managing international companies in corporate finance. He has participated in a number of projects which helped companies in Europe, Asia and Africa meet their financial potential. Marsala has also helped establish a considerable presence in these continents as well.

At Madison Street Capital, Marsala is responsible for overseeing corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation and helping work out deals for companies looking to increase their capital. During his tenure at Madison Street Capital, Marsala has helped companies in a number of industries reach their potential. He has worked with companies in industries such as energy, technology, medical devices, biotech, pharmacy, agriculture and manufacturing.

This firm helps a number of companies in multiple industries. At Madison Street Capital, the firm prides itself in leadership, excellence, integrity and corporate financial advisory. With Madison Street Capital and COO Anthony Marsala, clients will have a firm that can help them maximize their potential success.

Source: Found in the Chicago Tribune

The Investment Genius

The Highland Capital Management was founded by Mr. James Dondero. He has impressive records in the credit markets sector where the idea of forming his own company rose. Currently residing at Dallas, Mr.James keeps watch and controls all strategies, moves, possible upgrades and operations in the retail products at his company. With over thirty years of experience in the credit market sector, James has grown from a junior to an expert in the industry. In addition, his experience and skill cannot be questioned, as he was a pioneer of the Collateralized Loan Obligation, which saw a pull of investors from a global affair.

Mr. James stumbled in his career after a successful completion of his degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia. Before, in the year 1984, Jim Dondero trained as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Training program before proceeding with his degree of choice. He holds a few other additional advantages; having pursued a Certified Management Accountancy certificate and has earned full rights to use the Charted Financial Analyst designation.

The investment banking industry can comfortably acknowledge Mr. James’ effort into developing strategies that elevate the sector at large. He has served as a corporate bond analyst in a number of years in his career that qualify him as a brilliant professional. Among the major achievements written into James’ book or record, was that he acted as a chief investment officer at GIC where the company reaped great profits of over two billion dollars in a considerable short period of time accounting to five years in office.

Above that, Mr. Dondero boasts of some top titles awarded to him in the investment banking industry where he has showed a great deal of expertise. Cornerstone Health care recognizes him as their official chairperson, and so does Nexbank. He additionally serves as a board member of the American Banknote and MGM studios where he actively participates and contributes to investment development ideas and solutions.

His expertise can be clearly retrieved from a record of funds associated with his uptight management where he received awards throughout his career managing various different companies. He received the famous Morning star’s 5 star designation for Global Allocation in 2014 and Morningstar’s top position ranked Health care equity fund in the year 2014. With age, he gets better especially after being awarded the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in the year 2014.

Mr. James diverse knowledge in investment banking around stocks, bonds, assets, capital and the economy as a whole has seen him succeed and raise companies from level zero to profit racking positions. We cannot only describe him as skilled but also intelligent, hardworking, professional, creative, innovative and at most a great businessman. He has also dedicated his time and effort to giving advice on investment opportunities, strategies and ideas to the interested lot especially young ambitious entrepreneurs.

Economist, lecturer, writer and financial professional, Christian Broda continues to succeed

Christian Broda handles international and national economic and financial issues effortlessly. He has been able to predict the economy and for a large amount of time, he’s been accurate leading others to believe in him, therefore improving his credibility with his clients. As a graduate of Universidad de San Andres with his B.A., he showed no signs of stopping and continued by earning his M.A. and his Ph.D. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His success first began when he was chosen as an editorial board member for the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and IMF Economic Review.

Broda also became a professor at the University of Chicago where he taught at the Booth School of Business from 2005 – 2010. Broda began to use his knowledge when he became Lehman/Barclay’s Head of International Research. Broda was able to provide his students and employers with the latest economic information from several markets worldwide. To date, he is a well-known man who has become one of Duquesne Capital Management’s managing directors. Broda has become an asset to the company and their investors. With the success he’s had he has ventured out into more than just an economist and financial professional, he’s also added writer and lecturer to his resume. Broda has been in high demand as writer and has written several academic papers and articles concentrating in economics and finance.

He has also written on China and Japan’s economic and financial situations as well as articles on income inequality, wages, tax rebates and much more. His research has landed him to be published in economic journals such as American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Broda is known as one of the brightest young minds today in the finance and economic world. Broda shares the knowledge that he has received in areas such as hedge fund where he discusses how to start your own hedge fund. Some of the steps include: having a law firm relationship, choosing your prime broker, having a professional space and anchoring capital acquisition. Broda is affiliated with Journal of Development Economics where he serves as Associate Editor and has been since 2006.