The Man Behind the Mask: Anthony Petrello

Anthony also known as Tony has been CEO and President of Nabors Industries Ltd., since 1991. Tony has grown since ’91 to ac-compass three companies which he is in both head management leadership position. His has made an a major impact locally and internationally. His degrees include a Bachelor’s Degree attained from Yale University, Master’s Degree attained from Yale University, and JD Degree attained from Harvard Law School. Tony’s work and education coincide with Petrello participation community with different board memberships including a Children’s Hospital in Texas as Director, and donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for Cancer. Anthony’s work includes working also with communities to build new leaders and help’s our wounded heroes through participation in the Wounded War Heroes Fishing Rodeo in Buras, Louisiana. Tony’s previous work history encompasses his long term work with Baker & McKenzie law firm, since 1979, where Anthony Petrello served as a managing partner before being chosen to become CEO of Nabor Industries Ltd in 1991.

Anthony’s total compensation for FY 2015 was $27,512,939. Of all compensation he has generated, Anthony, donated $7 million in seed research to the neurology field after his daughter developed cerebral palsy. This work continues today through his position as Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. His philanthropy continues to make a difference in the medical field in areas like cystic fibrosis, and kids with cancer. He donates yearly to marathons and participates in runs in those marathons such as Lost Lake Run a marathon in the Chugach National Forest in Alaska.

Anthony Petrello’s friend, Lloyd Grove, found him after looking at the “Million Dollar Listing” in the Associated Press’s annual publication. Lloyd said he looks at this article, in leisure, every year. Recently in this article he noticed, that his grade school friend is now one of the richest oil oligarchs in the world. Lloyd wanted to know where he went wrong through his many mistakes, he claims he made, in his life up to this point. He goes on to state he couldn’t help but to inquire and attempt to reach Tony. Just as friendly as Tony was then, when contacted by his old friend, he responded.

In this email Tony told Lloyd that he was “very fortunate” to have attained his status in life. He assured him that hard work does pay off. This in turn, made Lloyd feel a little less far removed from his friend, he hadn’t seen or heard from, since their last reunion Tony attended many years back. Tony is the role model to all in his leadership and philanthropy, his is a true entrepreneur and the man behind the mask to learn more: click here.

The Life And Achievements Of David McDonald

David McDonald is OSI’s President and Chief Operating Officer. Before he became the man that he is today, he started off as a Project Manager for the company, aside from that he was also a chairman and a Board of Director’s member of the North American Meat Institute or otherwise known as NAMI.

David McDonald is very passionate about what he does; he is even the Director of the OSI International food company, which is located in Australia.

In his early years, David McDonald was born and raised in the United States, in the Northwestern part of Iowa. He completed his education at the Iowa State University where he received a Degree in Animal Science. Shortly after successfully completing his studies, he then started his work life with OSI Industries, which is located in Chicago. David McDonald is very passionate about his work, and since then he has continuously built a reputation for himself, by working as hard as he can to reach the current position that he is in today.

Throughout his years in the company, David McDonald OSI Group has been very in interested in making use of available resources to help improve the lives of people who live in the state of Iowa. He has been working hard at providing support for those students who have taken an interest in the same field of expertise that he has, which is rural entrepreneurship. In fact, he has been so eager to help that he had even arranged for some students to visit OSI facilities, which are located in China.

Furthermore, David McDonald has also been working on improving the sustainability of the company, by ensuring that the firm has their facilities and office spaces to work in, which can be useful in supporting the large operations that they have running within in the company, that have been carried out overseas and America.

As the President of the OSI, David McDonald always makes sure that the firm has a team of people who can handle the global logistics, and ensures that these individuals have the necessary knowledge and proficiency in the international market.

Lavin Sheldon -The Man behind OSI Group

Lavin Sheldon is currently the Chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group- a privately owned American company for meat processors. Lavin’s journey to success in the meat industry commenced in the year 1970 after organizing Otto & Sons funding.Otto & Sons bore the right set of circumstances to set up a meat processing installation and be the sole hamburgers supplier to McDonald’s Corporation in the Midwest however; they required help to guarantee funding.

Lavin Sheldon initially turned down a request from the bank to take a ownership position at Otto & Sons because it had no relation to what he handled during his consulting practice. He did however eventually consent to play the consultant role, telling the Otto family that if he is to join them in partnership, then his financial investment needs to be the at same level as the leverage they had.Lavin Sheldon recently gained recognition with a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. This award basically honours people with authentic and futuristic ideas in various lines of work who have transformed their dreams into reality by showing determination and persistence to achieve their goals.

After attaining a prosperous career in finance, Lavin led OSI Group from its humble beginnings of a local food company to becoming a globally recognized multibillion dollar food processor, with 60 plus locations in 16 different countries.OSI-Vista processed Foods is a company owned by OSI Group since 1995 and runs a total of eight locations in India vending fruits, processed meat and vegetables. This happened to be the fifth year the Academy has honoured different accomplishers with the award in order to acknowledge their accomplishments and offer encouragement for the coming generation to follow suit.

Vijay Eswaran Motivates People

Vijay Eswaran is giving people a lot of think about. This is one of the most innovative direct sales people of this time period. He has become this sensational writer that has given people a lot of encouragement over the years. What Vijay Eswaran has done is make people see that there is a lot of room for building direct selling businesses through his QI group.

This is one of the largest direct-selling businesses in Asia, and Eswaran has become the strong leader that has made it possible for people to see that this company has great products on that are worth talking about. There are things like luxury watches and health bars that are being sold by people that work for QI Group. There is a large amount of energy that is devoted to this type of work that these direct sellers do, and Vijay Eswaran has become the catalyst for pushing ahead and taking sales to the next level.

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Vijay Eswaran has stated over the years that he did not grow up with a silver spoon, but he worked very hard. That was the main thing that made him the success that he has become today. He wasn’t going to wait around for anyone to give him anything. Vijay Eswaran saw how determined his father was in working when he was younger, and this strong work ethic would supply him with all that he needed to make the right moves. This is how he became a multi-millionaire. This is how he rose in the field that he was in. There are so many people that are interested in knowing what he would do next. What has done so far is motivate people through his actions and his words.

With all the knowledge that he has about building businesses on YouTube , it has been rather easy for someone like Vijay Eswaran to come along and encourage others. He has written books about finding your way to success. He has also made it possible for people to hear about success through his seminars. Eswaran has helped so many people think outside of the box.

Mike Baur Gives Digital Startups a Boost

Co-Founder of The Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur, is giving Zurich startups a boost this fall. Many of The Swiss Startup Factory’s students will be participating in several Swiss Venture Days. October 2016 will mark the start of the first Swiss Venture Day, redesigned to highlight more great startups. Specializing in attracting and mentoring upcoming business owners in the digital sphere, Swiss Startup Factory is making an impact in Zurich.

The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that seeks new business ideas and helps enraptures turn them into profitable companies. The core team includes business owners and financial specialists. From the first pitch through the picking of a business team, all the way through product development, and even providing office space, the Swiss Startup Factory supports new business in Zurich.

According to, CTI, has joined The Swiss Startup Factory to make Swiss Venture Day a success. Currently, the company is one of the top financiers of new Swiss Startups. Mike Baur has recently accepted the post of Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. He has experience working with new business, and his keen eye for the kind of digital business that work is what has made The Swiss Startup Factory so successful. This partnership will bring his expertise to both the business and investor sides of the digital startup economy.

Mike Baur and The Swiss Startup Factory are committed to getting great new ideas and their owners in front of investors. That was the whole reason Baur left his long time occupation in the banking industry. He saw that there were so many people with great ideas. Ideas that could make profits in the digital market. The problem: there was no way for the people with the ideas to learn how to successfully build a business.

The Swiss Startup Factory is also participating in the upcoming START Summiteer competition. After coaching and business planning through the program at The Swiss Startup Factory, some startups will compete to become one of the top thirty at the START competition. The 30 best ideas will get to pitch in front of Europes most prominent investors.

Mike Baur has made it his goal to help Swiss business grab and hold a larger share of the profits available in the digital sphere. The Swiss Startup Factory is a leader in mentoring and promoting startups. Swiss Venture Day and the START Summiteer competition are two more ways that great new startups are getting noticed and funded.

Igor Cornelsen is closely watching the Brazilian economy

Brazil’s economy struggled throughout 2015. Their populist president was unable to pass any policies that would cause economic growth. Typically, investors expect banks to struggle during a period of economic upheaval but the top private banks in Brazil were successful throughout the last year. Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco both saw their shares rise throughout 2014. Itau was especially successful during the third quarter of 2014. They were up 36% compared to the previous year. Bradesco was 28% better during the third quarter. This performance was truly impressive.

How did these Brazilian banks survive and thrive throughout the economic storm. Igor Cornelsen knows the secret to the success of these banks.

Knowing the market is absolutely critical for any company, and Igor believes that both banks had a deep knowledge of the market. Igor also believes that both banks had experience dealing with turbulent times. South America is particularly vulnerable to economic storms, so the banks were ready for any crisis.

Igor Cornelsen stated that banks in Brazil are tightly controlling their loans. They are only lending to credit-worthy borrowers to avoid major losses. This lowers costs because banks do not have to spend as much time researching clients or trying to collect on loans. The situation does put borrowers with limited credit in a tough situation, but Igor believes that is not the banks problem. The Brazilian government must issue reforms that will open banking up for more people.

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Whether you’re investing in commodities or foreign exchange…

Igor Cornelsen – Colorado, Bainbridge Investments

Brazil is in a tough situation, so many potential investors wonder why they should bother with the country. Brazil is actually in a great situation if their government ever recovers. The country has an abundance of natural resources. The country also has a deep need for infrastructure meaning that any economic recovery will feature a number of building projects. Brazil is also one of the world’s top food suppliers. Brazil is easily the most lucrative play in South America.

Igor Cornelsen believes that Brazil is a great play, but investors must recognize several basic principles of the Brazilian market. You must pay attention to the role of the banks. The political situation could change on a dime and change your fortunes. China is investing heavily in the region, and they rarely make poor plays. Finally, investors must pay close attention to the value of Brazilian currency. By watching these signs, investors ensure that they will not miss out.

Brazil is in a rough position right now, but they can recover. You can bet that Igor Cornelsen will be a part of the Brazilian recovery. This expert investor has closely analyzed the Brazilian market and he is confident that he will catch the Brazilian economic recovery. Investors should closely watch Igor Cornelsen, because his next move could make them millions.

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Ricardo Guimares is the grandson of the man who built Brazils greatest bank. He has himself taken the footsteps of his old man and currently sits at the helm of a company that has achieved success in a competitive area. He has built Banco BMG to be the biggest lender in consigned credit in a country where personal loans are very expensive.Guimares has achieved this through good sponsorship deals that have seen the bank became the biggest sponsor of sports teams in Brazil. He is himself a football fanatic and his loyalty lies with Atletico Mineiro.The three letters B.M.G are every week displayed proudly as his team plays its matches around the country. It is the perfect marketing Stunt in a country with over 200 banks, and it has paid off handsomely.


Banco BMG also sponsors another 99 teams across all divisions in the football-crazed nation. It also sponsors other sports like tennis and basketball. Despite the head honchos football support, the bank doesn’t officially support any one team and only seeks to brand and market itself through these teams. Soccer is a religion in Brazil and failure to jump the soccer sponsorship bandwagon is a sure way of wishing your exit from the market. Banco BMGs style has seen it became the biggest sports sponsor in Brazil. It also has reaped from this marketing strategy as on a per dollar spent financials, it has the best returns in the market.


BMG is also on a growth path and has already acquired Banco Schain and Banco GE. These have seen it expand its customer base and expand into new market territories like vehicle financing. It has also attained over 5 million customers with a distribution network of 3000 branches and 50000 agents. It leverages this extensive distribution network to deploy and scale its products efficiently. It is also the market leader in consigned credit with 80% market share. It has leveraged its international networks to float bonds routinely in the bond market where it has raised billions. This access to capital has assisted it to fuel its growth plans.


Ricardo Guimares is a Business Administration graduate who started his career with Banco BMG in 1980.He has since grown the ranks to be named the CEO in 2004. He advises anyone seeking to enter the Brazilian market to hire the best and work hard.

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Madison Street Capital CFO Earns Prestigious Award


The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts has recently recognized chief operating officer and co founder of Madison Street Capital Anthony Marsala for outstanding contributions in corporate finance. Anthony Marsala was chosen among over 100 individuals in the field of corporate finance and was recognized as the top professional in this field. Marsala was recognized in the association’s 40 under 40 program which awards young finance professionals with distinction. The association awards professionals who have demonstrated a high level of achievement in fields such as mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, litigation consulting and financial forensics. Since there were a number of highly qualified candidates, the judges had to be very selective with who they choose and Marsala was able to earn the top recognition among all of the top candidates.

Anthony Marsala was chosen as among the top finance professionals by the NAVCA. In the 40 under 40 program, the NAVCA recognizes professionals who distinguish themselves by showing strong leadership, visionary principles and performance in accounting and financial consulting.

In terms of Marsala’s background, he is the current co founder and chief operating officer of Madison Street Capital LLC. He graduated with a degree in finance and then went on to business school to further his education. After finishing business school, Marsala began to become a top contributor in terms of leading and managing international companies in corporate finance. He has participated in a number of projects which helped companies in Europe, Asia and Africa meet their financial potential. Marsala has also helped establish a considerable presence in these continents as well.

At Madison Street Capital, Marsala is responsible for overseeing corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation and helping work out deals for companies looking to increase their capital. During his tenure at Madison Street Capital, Marsala has helped companies in a number of industries reach their potential. He has worked with companies in industries such as energy, technology, medical devices, biotech, pharmacy, agriculture and manufacturing.

This firm helps a number of companies in multiple industries. At Madison Street Capital, the firm prides itself in leadership, excellence, integrity and corporate financial advisory. With Madison Street Capital and COO Anthony Marsala, clients will have a firm that can help them maximize their potential success.

Source: Found in the Chicago Tribune

Susan McGalla Believes In Herself And What She Can Do

Susan McGalla has always been a big inspiration to young girls through the things that she has done in her career. When a young girl wants to be a businesswoman one day all that she has to do is to look up to Susan McGalla to learn how to do that. She can know that she can accomplish anything that she sets her mind to if she just does the kinds of things that Susan McGalla did in order to have a good career for herself.
One of the things that Susan McGalla has always done is to believe in herself. She knew that she could do anything that she wanted to do with her life, and she had faith that a good career could happen if that is what she wanted. So, she did a lot of hard work and made herself into something great. She was able to work for two different, big clothing companies because of the dedication that she showed to her career.
Susan McGalla’s belief in herself is a big part of what made her such a success, and that is something that every young girl should remember. Every young girl should know that believing in herself is the most powerful thing that she should be doing and she should always have faith that she will be able to get to the places that she wants to go to in her career. Susan McGalla on prnewswire never gave up on herself and never doubted her abilities, and when girls realize that and think of the career that she has had, then they will feel all the more confident in themselves.
It is great for young girls to have a woman like Susan McGalla to look up to for inspiration, especially if they are hoping to be a businesswoman, themselves, one day. Being a businesswoman may not be something that is easy to do, but it is something that is well worth it for those who dream of doing it. So, those who want to be businesswomen should gather some inspiration from Susan McGalla, and they should always remember to believe in themselves and in all of the things that they can do.

The Scoop on CCMP Capital

Living in New York means you’ll get access to great Broadway shows, amazing food, diverse culture, and above all you’ll see and hear about the best in business. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a private equity firm, is another amazing business that that has made its home in New York. Growth and buyouts are a common term heard throughout New York City, and investment banking is all the rage with new startups popping up every day.

CCMP Capital focuses on what is known as leveraged buyouts as well as growth transactions. The leveraged buyout means that some money may have been borrowed in order to meet a specific need. This is generally combined with equity that the firm already has, but that isn’t always the case. Growth capital transactions are a bit different, in that they are transactions conducted by companies that have been in existence longer and they are stable. This type of capital is what they seek out in order to enter a new market or to get funds for an acquisition. Acquisitions at this level usually occur when a company is planning to buy out another company.

Stephen Murray, the previous CEO of CCMP Capital was a master in both leveraged buyouts as well as growth transactions. Murray was one of the founding partners. This company was formed as the result of his departure from JP Morgan Chase. With so many clients, he felt is best to start a new company where there would be no conflict of interest with clients. With such a high price tag per transaction, it was no surprise that Murray was highly regarded in his industry. Murray and CCMP Capital were behind the scenes for companies like Cabela’s Inc., Quizno’s, and other large companies.