Dog Food Industry Experiencing Health Revolution

There has been a marked increase in the attention that people are giving the ingredients in the food that they are feeding their animals. The internet especially thru facebook has given customers a platform to air out their concerns, research the ingredients in food, and help make a positive change to an entire industry. Companies like Freshpet and Beneful are doing their best to ensure that future dog food is both healthy and affordable. For a look at just how focused health has become, let’s dip into the Freshpet factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Richard Thompson is the CEO of Freshpet and one of the greatest source of advertising that the company can offer. You can’t really win over a customer base as a young company without someone who is pouring their heart into the product. Thompson is in charge of leading tours through the facility and it is here that he regularly stuns visitors by plucking off dog food from the manufacturing belt and eating it right in front of them. Nobody in the warehouse bats an eye and soon everyone realizes that the dog food actually tastes good.

Freshpet and Nestle Purinastore are both focused on manufacturing dog food that pushes for more quality ingredients within the container. Gone are the days of preservatives ruling the world and now here is the expectation of quality ingredients being used for man’s best friend. Freshpet, like Beneful, is focused on fresh ingredients and vegetables and they are entirely focused on avoiding the usage of ‘filler’ ingredients just to pad out serving sizes and make a buck.

Like all industries we expect to see continued improvements from companies looking to get an edge with their new health focused consumers. We feel like this is only the beginning of a long term evolution toward health focused foods for even the smallest pets among us. We can thank and Freshpet for leading the way.

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