Dog Food Is Becoming the next Gourmet Meal

It’s not at all unusual to find oneself thinking of Thanksgiving when sampling a savory slice of turkey. But a recent report from the Daily Herald shows just how much context can change the nature of a simple act. The story begins with a high powered executive giving a tour of his food based company. One wouldn’t be surprised to find such an occasion marked by a quick taste test. And even less so by a remark that the turkey really tastes like it’s Thanksgiving. But what makes this stand out is the fact that it’s a dog food company. This might seem strange at first. But it’s all made possible due to the fact that the dog food company is one of a handful which is focusing on high quality organic ingredients for their brands. This highlights one of the major differences between high quality dog food and the traditional brands. Lower quality dog foods are in large part a mix of low quality meats, binding agents and artificial flavor. There’s a good reason why nobody would want to sample any of it for themselves. High quality dog food brands, on the other hand, are focused on making dog food with fresh ingredients. They make use of fresh organic foods that are prepared in the same way that one would want it for himself. Of course, as with all trends there were some companies which began the process a bit early. One of the most prominent examples is the Beneful high quality dog food brand. While many dog food companies are making a switch to all natural ingredients, Beneful has been there right from the start. The brand was created as a high quality alternative to the other brands of dog food on the Amazon market. And as such they began with a strict adherence to one central guiding principle. The dog food needed to be made with real, natural, ingredients. Since then Beneful has distinguished itself by creating dog food which showcases the natural ingredients it’s made from. Much like a great meal for people will proudly proclaim what it’s made with, so will every type of dog food from Beneful. The juicy chicken, the savory beef, and the nutritious vegetables are all readily apparent when one opens up a bag.