The Man Behind the Mask: Anthony Petrello

Anthony also known as Tony has been CEO and President of Nabors Industries Ltd., since 1991. Tony has grown since ’91 to ac-compass three companies which he is in both head management leadership position. His has made an a major impact locally and internationally. His degrees include a Bachelor’s Degree attained from Yale University, Master’s Degree attained from Yale University, and JD Degree attained from Harvard Law School. Tony’s work and education coincide with Petrello participation community with different board memberships including a Children’s Hospital in Texas as Director, and donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for Cancer. Anthony’s work includes working also with communities to build new leaders and help’s our wounded heroes through participation in the Wounded War Heroes Fishing Rodeo in Buras, Louisiana. Tony’s previous work history encompasses his long term work with Baker & McKenzie law firm, since 1979, where Anthony Petrello served as a managing partner before being chosen to become CEO of Nabor Industries Ltd in 1991.

Anthony’s total compensation for FY 2015 was $27,512,939. Of all compensation he has generated, Anthony, donated $7 million in seed research to the neurology field after his daughter developed cerebral palsy. This work continues today through his position as Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. His philanthropy continues to make a difference in the medical field in areas like cystic fibrosis, and kids with cancer. He donates yearly to marathons and participates in runs in those marathons such as Lost Lake Run a marathon in the Chugach National Forest in Alaska.

Anthony Petrello’s friend, Lloyd Grove, found him after looking at the “Million Dollar Listing” in the Associated Press’s annual publication. Lloyd said he looks at this article, in leisure, every year. Recently in this article he noticed, that his grade school friend is now one of the richest oil oligarchs in the world. Lloyd wanted to know where he went wrong through his many mistakes, he claims he made, in his life up to this point. He goes on to state he couldn’t help but to inquire and attempt to reach Tony. Just as friendly as Tony was then, when contacted by his old friend, he responded.

In this email Tony told Lloyd that he was “very fortunate” to have attained his status in life. He assured him that hard work does pay off. This in turn, made Lloyd feel a little less far removed from his friend, he hadn’t seen or heard from, since their last reunion Tony attended many years back. Tony is the role model to all in his leadership and philanthropy, his is a true entrepreneur and the man behind the mask to learn more: click here.

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