Eric Pulier’s Accomplishments Is Enough Testimony That with Determination You Can Succeed in Anything

Eric pulier is an established American entrepreneur, technologist, published author, philanthropist and a reputed public speaker. Eric has many talents, and he has managed to utilize them to build numerous successful Technology business ventures. He recently cashed in a fat cheque after selling one of his successful start-ups for $350 million. Eric puller is a prominent writer where he uses his talents to author books and publications covering various topics on entrepreneurship. Eric pulier renowned for sharing his vast knowledge on entrepreneurship on the “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” a book he co-authored with another reputed writer.

Eric Pulier is renowned for his creativity and innovations and his ability to build successful business ventures from scratch especially on areas of technology. Eric firmly believes that he can turn around any business idea into a successful venture worth millions of dollars. He notes that this is the kind of confidence that every entrepreneur should have if they are to succeed in anything.

Anyone who has had the chance to interact with Eric Pulier might think that he was born on a silver plate. On the contrary, Eric Pulier was born in an average family in New Jersey where he spent his childhood. If you a bit closer into his childhood, you will easily realize that Pulier’s star began shining when he was still a young boy.

Before graduating from high school, Eric Pulier was already programming computers and selling software to companies. By the time Pulier was graduating from high school, he had already established a database computer company. Eric Pulier went to Harvard University for his undergraduate degree. While at the University, he began editing for Havard Crimson, the school’s daily newspaper. Besides doing a great job as an editor for the school’s newspaper, Pulier also wrote insightful articles on a column that was widely read by students and future entrepreneurs. His articles are still available on his Harvard writer profile in the following: click here.

After graduating from Harvard, Pulier moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of technology and entrepreneurship. He has so far established more than 15 companies that are doing well in the market. He is the founder of the XPrice, a company that put Pulier into the limelight.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was formed by its two founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Former journalists who have spent the majority of their career fighting against injustices for human and civil rights, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund has a high concentration on subjects of immigration and migrant rights in the U.S. Many of the organizations that the fund supports are based in Arizona, which is where the pair of founders are also from and based. It’s also where their previous media outlet Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media was located.

It was while working in their business Village Voice Media that Lacey and Larkin were subjected to events that led to their acquisition of a settlement of $3.75 million. This came about when they were arrested and taken into custody from their homes on the night of October 18, 2007. Leading the arrest is the now ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County.

Efforts made by Larkin & Lacey, as well as the many non-profit organizations that they support, touch the lives of people all across Arizona. The ripple effect from the efforts of these causes also affects the lives of others across the states.

From organizations like the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition to The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, there are a handful of notable organizations that have their own info page on the Lacey & Larkin site.

Said site is updated regularly with stories that are hot in the news on the immigration front. The Arizona Dreamers have been in the news a lot lately, since a letter was released to the Trump administration, signed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and a number of other government officials that are leading a movement to get rid of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

It’s through this letter that the Texas Attorney General is aiming to do what the Trump administration has already done to programs like it.

There was a decision made by the Trump administration to rescind the possibility of forming another program for immigrants. It would have been called the DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) program and would have gone hand-in-hand with the expansion of the DACA program into other states besides Arizona.

Since both possibilities were scrapped and swept under the rug so quickly, those who are currently part of the DACA program are worried that this letter will urge a similar action to be made for DACA.

For those immigrant youths who gain meaningful and legal employment in the states, this looming threat could mean a travesty for the lives they’ve managed to build with help from the DACA program.

It’s this type of letter that could break down a system that works well for disenfranchised youths who wish to gain fulfilling careers, higher education opportunities in the form of state tuition fueled grants, and even something as simple as a driver’s license or as personally important as a social security number.

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Kabbalah, the closely guarded wisdom

Madonna developed an interest in Jewish mysticism to a point which she opened up various Kabbalah centers as well as invested heavily in learning the ancient tradition of the Jews. During that duration, various Hollywood stars expressed similar interest in the Jewish teachings at the Kabbalah Centre.

Some of the Hollywood stars included the late Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the late Sammy Davis, Sandra Bernhard and the late Marilyn Monroe.The big question is, why would a notable celebrity in Hollywood become so interested in Jewish mysticism to a level of practicing it daily? Besides, most of them even converted their religion to Judaism.

As a result of being deeply immersed in Judaism, they have testified some the benefits that they have acquired in the long run. For instance, Sandra Bernhard said to the Loss Angeles Times that Kabbalah Centre did away with at least 80 percent chaos in her life.

On the hand, Paris Hilton noted in the Great Britain’s More Magazine that when she split with Nick Carter, she coped up with the situation by heading to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles times where she narrated to everyone concerning the break-up and got a brand new red string Kabbalah bracelet. She visits the place frequently, and that habit has helped her deal and contain her life’s mysteries.

Kabbalah Centre website describes Kabbalah an ancient acumen that presents practical tools for creating joy as well as a lasting satisfaction. It is a spectacular system which will completely alter the way one views the universe. It educates on the profound insight essence of the supernatural being and the purpose of creation. Besides, it presents an all-inclusive structure and plan for the universe. As a matter of fact, Kabbalah Centre has played a significant role in solving some of the mysteries of life.

The non profit organization, Kabbalah Center International based in Los Angeles provides courses on the Zohar as well as well Kabbalistic online teachings and through various worldwide study groups. Philip Berg and his wife developed the Kabbalah presentation.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag was the first Kabbalist master to revise this closely guarded acumen in 1922.

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Securus Technologies Taking the Lead in Providing Correctional Solutions

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of advanced communication services linking inmates with families and friends. The solutions provided by the company also target law enforcement and public safety. According to Wikipedia, Securus serves over 2000 correctional facilities spread across the US, Canada and Mexico. The Dallas, TX based firm was established in 1986 and employs about 1,000 people. Besides Dallas, the prison technology company also operates offices in Carrington, TX and Atlanta, Georgia. The firm also boasts being one of the largest providers of parole tracking and government information management solutions. The company CEO is Mr. Rick Smith.


The As of July 2016, the company had invested over $600 million on communication technologies, acquisitions and securing patents. One of the most popular, innovative solutions offered by Securus Technologies is a system for controlling contraband cell phones. With regards to acquisition, the firm acquired Syscon Justice Systems, a leading Offender Management System on June 2017. According to Crunchbase, the list of companies acquired by Securus Technologies between March 2012 and October 2015 includes; Guarded Exchange, Callbox, Telerus, JTL Technologies, Primonics and Archonix Systems. On the whole, the solutions provided by the company serve more than 1 million inmates in North America


Over the years, the high quality of service provided by Securus Technologies has earned the company lots of praise and rewards. On October 2016, PRNewswire published comments elicited by various users of Securus communication solutions. Some of the comments that stood out showed great appreciation to the company for consistent innovation and leadership in the correctional industry while others touted the provision of an inmate telephone system that makes it easy to operationalize information from the jails. The other commentary praised the timely completion and successful application of Telephone Voice Biometric System for monitoring and deterring rising cases of contraband in jails.


The Man Behind the Mask: Anthony Petrello

Anthony also known as Tony has been CEO and President of Nabors Industries Ltd., since 1991. Tony has grown since ’91 to ac-compass three companies which he is in both head management leadership position. His has made an a major impact locally and internationally. His degrees include a Bachelor’s Degree attained from Yale University, Master’s Degree attained from Yale University, and JD Degree attained from Harvard Law School. Tony’s work and education coincide with Petrello participation community with different board memberships including a Children’s Hospital in Texas as Director, and donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for Cancer. Anthony’s work includes working also with communities to build new leaders and help’s our wounded heroes through participation in the Wounded War Heroes Fishing Rodeo in Buras, Louisiana. Tony’s previous work history encompasses his long term work with Baker & McKenzie law firm, since 1979, where Anthony Petrello served as a managing partner before being chosen to become CEO of Nabor Industries Ltd in 1991.

Anthony’s total compensation for FY 2015 was $27,512,939. Of all compensation he has generated, Anthony, donated $7 million in seed research to the neurology field after his daughter developed cerebral palsy. This work continues today through his position as Director of Texas Children’s Hospital. His philanthropy continues to make a difference in the medical field in areas like cystic fibrosis, and kids with cancer. He donates yearly to marathons and participates in runs in those marathons such as Lost Lake Run a marathon in the Chugach National Forest in Alaska.

Anthony Petrello’s friend, Lloyd Grove, found him after looking at the “Million Dollar Listing” in the Associated Press’s annual publication. Lloyd said he looks at this article, in leisure, every year. Recently in this article he noticed, that his grade school friend is now one of the richest oil oligarchs in the world. Lloyd wanted to know where he went wrong through his many mistakes, he claims he made, in his life up to this point. He goes on to state he couldn’t help but to inquire and attempt to reach Tony. Just as friendly as Tony was then, when contacted by his old friend, he responded.

In this email Tony told Lloyd that he was “very fortunate” to have attained his status in life. He assured him that hard work does pay off. This in turn, made Lloyd feel a little less far removed from his friend, he hadn’t seen or heard from, since their last reunion Tony attended many years back. Tony is the role model to all in his leadership and philanthropy, his is a true entrepreneur and the man behind the mask to learn more: click here.

The Life And Achievements Of David McDonald

David McDonald is OSI’s President and Chief Operating Officer. Before he became the man that he is today, he started off as a Project Manager for the company, aside from that he was also a chairman and a Board of Director’s member of the North American Meat Institute or otherwise known as NAMI.

David McDonald is very passionate about what he does; he is even the Director of the OSI International food company, which is located in Australia.

In his early years, David McDonald was born and raised in the United States, in the Northwestern part of Iowa. He completed his education at the Iowa State University where he received a Degree in Animal Science. Shortly after successfully completing his studies, he then started his work life with OSI Industries, which is located in Chicago. David McDonald is very passionate about his work, and since then he has continuously built a reputation for himself, by working as hard as he can to reach the current position that he is in today.

Throughout his years in the company, David McDonald OSI Group has been very in interested in making use of available resources to help improve the lives of people who live in the state of Iowa. He has been working hard at providing support for those students who have taken an interest in the same field of expertise that he has, which is rural entrepreneurship. In fact, he has been so eager to help that he had even arranged for some students to visit OSI facilities, which are located in China.

Furthermore, David McDonald has also been working on improving the sustainability of the company, by ensuring that the firm has their facilities and office spaces to work in, which can be useful in supporting the large operations that they have running within in the company, that have been carried out overseas and America.

As the President of the OSI, David McDonald always makes sure that the firm has a team of people who can handle the global logistics, and ensures that these individuals have the necessary knowledge and proficiency in the international market.

Goettl’s Tips for Lower AC Costs this Summer

Keeping your home cool in the scorching summer heat can get expensive. Fortunately, Goettl’s experts have tips to get the most out of your AC unit while keeping the cost low.

Proper AC Maintenance

Regardless of how new your HVAC unit may be it still needs proper maintenance. This can be as simple as making sure there is no debris on the system and that it is clear of vegetation. Make sure you replace your air filter every 90 days and check the refrigerant lines for any leaks. It may also be a good idea to call professionals for a complete AC maintenance.

Use a Ceiling Fan

This is a simple solution which can lower your cooling bill. A ceiling fan can circulate the air from the AC and make the whole room feel cooler. On average the fan will make a room feel four degrees colder so you can set the AC four degree higher and feel the same cool.

Smart Thermostat

You can upgrade to a programmable smart thermostat. You can tell it to let the temperature raise when you aren’t home and keep it cool when you are. Some thermostats can even sense that you are not home and cut back the AC on there own.

Shading Your Unit

Everything is cooler in the shade, including your HVAC unit. A unit that is sitting in direct sunlight has to work harder to cool the same air making it less efficient and more costly. This problem can be solved by making sure that the unit is in the shade at all times. A permanent solution to this problem could be planting trees or tall bushes near your unit. Make sure that anything you plant is at least two feet from the unit.

About Goettl

This business has been in the family since 1926 and is currently owned by the grandsons of its founder Adam Geottl. They continue to service central and northern Arizona homes and have a notable track record. Goettl is a trusted name for any remodels, new builds or any AC work. Over the years the company has held many patents and is internationally known for its mass production of evaporative coolers.

What’s the deal with Highland Capital and its rise on Health-Care stocks

Founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada,Highland is one of the largest and most enabled global alternative credit and equity management in the industry.Highland Capital has been exceeding its alternative investment solutions for over 20 years with a diversified client base which includes high net-worth individuals to corporations and financial institutions.The firm is located and headquartered in Dallas,Texas and has offices in New York, São Paulo,Singapore, and Seoul.

Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd., an affiliate of Dallas Highland Capital has made $147 million in total capital commitments.As the source and solid investor of the fund, South Korea’s National Pension Service(NPS) is valued at approximately KRW 565 trillion ($499.8 billion) while the Soveriegn Wealth Fund Institute reports their value to be $465.13 billion.This is Highland Capital Management first venture into healthcare-oriented private equity fund in Asia.

Michael Gregory who is chief investment officer of Highland Alternative Investors helped Highland Small Cap Equity Fund to almost triple the return of the S&P500 Index last year, now says the out-of-favor health care sector could have a “tremendous rebound” in 2017.Highland helped it make its pipeline investments lucrative in 2016,when oil prices bottomed.The investments yielded a return,which in turn helped the healthcare investment initiative of Highland Capital towards Asia.Now Highland can invest in healthcare stocks to expand its portfolio as the premier provider of new and forthcoming medicines in the market today. As Highland Capital continues to grow with each passing year and it’s investments, there is no exception that Highland Capital has garnered the healthcare industry.

Eric Pulier’s thinking Big

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey. Though he went to school, his education is not the sole reason behind his intelligence. This is because he started programming computers when he was a fourth-grader. He finished his high school studies in 1984 and by that time, he had already commenced his database computer company.

After high school, he enrolled to Harvard University. While at the institution, he became the editor of the daily school newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. From Harvard, he graduated with a bachelor of arts in English and American literature. One can still view most of his editorial work on the Harvard Writer profile. Among the topics that he covered which made him famous are dangers of terrorism and the stigma associated with having a Harvard degree. In the year 1991, Eric Pulier went to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles.

As an entrepreneur, Eric has had some success stories such as founding the Xprize initiative. This is a competition which gives away various prizes to individuals who are able and are willing to go an extra mile to meet their full potential. The aim behind Eric Pulier starting this program was to reward teens with great determination for their success.

Eric has a soft spot in his heart for the less fortunate and so, he has dedicated part of his life in helping them and in philanthropy. He educated those with Multiple Sclerosis through a media platform. Together with Norman Schwarzkopf, Peter Samuelson, and Stephen Spielberg they formed Starbright World which was the first private social media network.

When asked how his typical day normally looks like, he begins by saying that first, he ensures that he gets enough night rest. As a father of four children, he says his day is usually bombarded with many activities some of which he had not planned for! He wakes up to read before his children get up and later prepares them for school. He likes taking each task at a time so he can give his best.

Eric Pullier says that one thing that has made him successful is being persistent. Though things might not come out the way you had planned, Eric believes that you should keep pushing on. According to him, good entrepreneurs should be able to adjust and remain optimistic.