Magnises Targets To Create Private Clubs And Social Networks For High Society Millennials

For jet seat millennials to survive in a huge city like New York, they need a stable income and a good apartment in a good part of the city. However, with their busy schedules, time is rarely on their side, and when they do get time, it comes in a moment’s notice, therefore, finding a last minute event to attend becomes a challenge on Another challenge is going out alone in a huge city because getting your friends to go out with you at the last minute is a challenge all by itself.

Magnises Club solves this problem. It is a club which brings elite people from different professional fields together. Magnises club is a high-class social club founded by Billy McFarland that hosts elite events. These events are classy, vibrant, and they provide a platform for Magnises to network with up to par people from various professions. Magnises events are held in the swankiest locations such as lofts, private planes, and boats. A member of Magnises also has access to the backstage of concerts and celebrity after parties.

The company is leveraging on online social networks to bring them into the real physical world that is accessible to only the paying members. Some are calling Magnises a lifestyle startup due to the company’s service of providing its members a lush life. With all its glory of providing access to private events, the Magnises is also practical too. You can use it to make payments just like in a regular debit or credit card. The Magnises card also provides benefits such as an app-based social assistance, VIP club access, and hotel discounts.

Mr. McFarland, the founder of Magnises, claims that the aim of the company is to integrate millennials into their cities. Mr. McFarland, a 23-year old, dropped out of college during his sophomore year and founded the company in 2013. Since then the company has over 12,000 members in New York and Washington DC paying an annual fee of $250 and has raised over $4 million in venture funding on Mr. McFarland expects the company to generate $5 million in revenues in 2016.

Being only in two locations, New York and Washington, Magnises is seeking to expand and has plans to launch in Chicago, LA, and Boston during the year. Members of Magnises have nothing but praise for the club with one member claiming she went to a hockey game where she was treated to front row seats and an open bar. Another member was full of praise for the Magnises community. He claimed that the best value he got from attending a Magnises event was connecting and collaborating with people in his fashion industry.

Magnises prides itself in creating a common ground where professionals ranging from finance, tech, fashion, artists, arts, etc. can come together and grow their networks beyond their professional fields. For one to become a member, they have to fill out an online application which is carefully examined by the Magnises team before they can approve. Magnises targets people of ages 21 to 35 years with 85% of its members being between ages 21 and 29 years.

Hair Care for Women

Chaz celebrity stylist is said to have a net worth of eleven million dollars. Chaz was born in Vermont and moved around to many states in the United States. His career as a professional photographer inspired him to further his education and become a cosmetologist. His career as a stylist in a Bel Air salon landed him a management position. Wen later purchased the salon then moved the business to Hollywood. After the move, he renamed the salon to Wen Chaz Studio. Wen is known for specializing in coloring and cutting. His interest in hair blossomed into a haven for celebrities to escape the paparazzi. As he serviced his clients he started helping a very successful company develop their product line. After helping the company develop their line of products, Wen developed his own interest in staring the Wen Hair Care line.

This is a line of products uniquely designed to promote healthy hair. Women can receive the benefits of using the shampoos and conditioners fortified for all hair types. Over forty million WEN hair products have been shipped out with positive ratings. Even African Americans can benefit from using the Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner good for all hair types. The products are not animal tested and are manufactured in the United States. Sephora endorsed Wen products offer a unique way of cleansing the hair without all of the harsh sulfates.

Properly maintaining, cleansing, and conditioning the hair is vital for healthy looking and feeling hair. Clients enjoy the products because they are educated about how to properly use them. Scalp manipulations help circulate blood promoting hair growth. When using Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner clients should massage the scalp. The company shares frequently asked questions to help clients properly use the products. Educating, informing, and providing great products is his aim. Visit the WEN Hair Wikipedia page for more information.

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Smart Lighting, a Brighter Way to Illuminate

As technology continues to advance on and on all sorts of breakthroughs and innovations are released and revealed to the populace of the world. One of these new innovations comes in the form of home automation. Home automation is what happens when you create a network for your house that any and all possibly electronics and appliances that can be hooked up to it to ensure you have full control over your house. One of the boons to this is a new idea called Smart Lighting, an idea that makes use of your lights all being hooked up to the network of your home allowing you to program your lights to function as you want them to.

Imagine coming home from work or an event as night sets in, but instead of having to flick a switch or press a button the programmed lights in your house have already been turned on so you can be one step closer to relaxing. But that’s only one example of what can be done with smart lighting from Gooee. For another example, you could have all of the lights in your house programmed to a single remote device. With a single press of a button or turn of a knob, multiple lights can be turned on or off or even have their illumination properly adjusted as you desire. With smart lighting, you can achieve the desired illumination you want with the utmost ease.

How Do Dallas Banks Make Better Homes For Everyone?

Nexbank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes are coming together to help people who need to get into better homes in the area. These people will move into homes that can jump start their lives, and they can move into homes that are in better neighborhoods. A better place to live that helps kids live better lives helps the whole community grow. The kids want to stay and raise their own kids there, and they are having all this paid for by the good people at Nexbank. I have been banking with Nexbank for a long time, and I know that they are a community service that is helping all of Dallas.

The best part of this is that Nexbank is part of a larger Dallas company called Highland Capital Management. The company wanted to have a bank attached to its investment arm, and they have created something for the people of Dallas that really makes a difference. I know that the have done a lot for us, and I believe that they are helping a lot of people who need it more than anyone else. That is why I want to see these homes built, and it is why I think we should all be helping people as much as we can, and that is why we are all supporting Nexbank in their efforts to make Dallas a better place.

The Nexbank partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a duo that can help people that I have seen struggling for years. I believe that Nexbank is helping people financially because they know it is the right thing to do, and it is also very clear that people need to get on board with this plan. Someone who wants to get into a better home to help their family should check out this program.