Two Lip Balms To the Rescue: Evolution of Smooth And Aquaphor

Are you lips-obsessed?
I am, and I’ve tried just about every product under the sun, so to speak. When it comes to smooth, soft, kissable lips, you need to work at them. In other words, lip balm becomes a key step in your daily beauty routine. Just like you care for other parts of your face, the lips are one of the most delicate features and deserve constant pampering.

Lips come in all shapes and sizes; mine happen to be average. Whatever your lips look like, they all need moisture. The lips do not have much melanin in them, making them a target for sunburn. They are also made of the thinnest tissue in the body and lack the protective oil glands, making them susceptible to cracking and chapping.

I happen to believe in the value of two, inexpensive lip balms for night and day:

Evolution of Smooth and Aquaphor Lip Repair. One is fancy, and the other is not, but both brands are true winners, because they work beautifully, delivering soft, smooth, kissable lips.

Aquaphor has been around for years, and I trust the name for its simplicity and results. I apply Aquaphor at night before hitting the pillow, because it has an oil-based formula that seals in moisture. While I’m sleeping, it gets busy on skin repair with soothing ingredients like shea butter and chamomile.

When I arise next day, I always put on my EOS lip balm. In fact, I carry several around with me all day. I am addicted to the spherical balm in its little pot. It’s a brilliant concept, and the formula and flavors are fun to collect. Evolution of Smooth balms are rich in jojoba oil, Vitamin E and shea butter. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian favor Evolution of Smooth. Check out and for the list of EOS lip balm products.


Securus Is Putting Family First

Securus is putting family first when it comes to their technology. They are indeed the leading company when it comes to providing communication technology within jails. However, they have just put all of their company ambitions to the side, and they are now focusing on family. This specifically pertains to families within Louisiana.

Louisiana has recently suffered from severe weather. This has caused many people to die. Many homes have been lost and many families have been torn a part. This has greatly affected inmates in all prisons within Louisiana. Securus has issued permission for every inmate to make one phone call each day of the week. Securus believes inmates should have the same rights as everyone else when it comes to family. This means they should be able to contact their family members when bad weather destroys the area.

All of the officials that run the state of Louisiana are very happy with this decision. They, too, try to find ways to help inmates better connect with their family members. These officials believe there is no other better way to connect with their family members than through a free phone call.

Many inmates have been interviewed concerning this situation. All of these inmates are very happy that Securus is letting them make a free phone call each day. Many inmates gave their interview in tears because they were able to know their children were okay. There are also rumors going around that Securus is going to talk to officials in various states to let inmates make a phone call each day during bad weather. Securus believes jails will be more calm and filled with less anxiety when the inmates are able to make a phone call for free everyday. This also bridges a better gap between inmates and the judicial system.

Of Celebrations And The Relevance Of The Lovaganza Announcement

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

The Lovaganza Announcement that has been highly anticipated is already here and many are happy that such news have come their way. Lovaganza is planning to hold mega celebrations that will cover the whole world, cultures, beliefs, technology and other aspects of life that people can share and celebrate while learning from each other. Lovaganza just announced that the highly coveted celebrations will be held between May and September 2020 and preparations are already underway.

Lovaganza’s event will be hosted on eight major venues across different countries and will showcase the cultures and ways of life of different people across the world. A confirmation from the company cites that the event will be the biggest ever in the world and will be geared towards making impact and enhancing acceptance among various communities of the world.

Prior arrangements
Originally, the Lovaganza Celebrations were supposed to happen in 2015. However, the technical setup that was required to guarantee success was not sufficient and the company had to seek an alternative way of handling the issue to ensure maximum effect. One of the ways they could effectively pass the message would be through the extension of the deadline to allow adequate time for research and preparations.

They want the celebrations to be memorable and to relay the message as effectively as possible and this is only possible with a successful setup. Lovaganza also pushed the celebrations ahead to ensure the best and latest technology is applied in the presentations.

The Lovaganza Traveling Show
Slated for 2017, the Lovaganza Traveling Show is an event that will see proper preparations for the 2020 event. During the celebrations, the mission and goals to be pursued by the 2020 celebrations will be shared with the world. The main reason Lovaganza created the Traveling Show is to popularize the main celebrations and explain to the world the purpose of holding the event. The Show will show various trilogies prepared in different countries to hint to the people what they should expect come 2020.

About Lovaganza
Lovaganza is a large group that is made up of two sections, the Lovaganza Foundation and the Entertainment Franchise. Each of these bodies operates independently and serves a different purpose. The Foundation is more inclined to offering support to the needy especially children and ensuring they access basic amenities and services. On the other hand, the Entertainment Franchise is promoting cultures through events organized across the world.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Hair That Bounces As You Walk By Chaz Dean And Wen

One girl tries putting the WEN by Chaz products to the test by using for one whole week and reporting the results each day. has the whole truth of the article and you can read it at
What happens to a girl’s hair when she tries using the Wen by Chaz products for a whole week? One lady did put it to the test. She purchases the cleansing conditioning product. First, the thing she does is read the instructions on the bottle to make sure she does everything correctly. She pours out what seems to be a lot of product into the palm of her hand. She jumps into the shower and washes all of the dirt and grime from her hair. The Wen product even helps to get rid of the old shampoo residue with each shampooing. The girl dries her hair each day and goes off to work like normal. By the end of the day each day her hair is healthy and bouncy.

One day she is late and needs to wash her hair that morning. Her hair is really greasy and she is running late. This upsets her a little because she does not stop to think what the grease in her hair means. It means her hair is beginning to become healthy again. She washes her hair each day and every day she notices how great her hair looks. People on the street turn to look at her hair. Her friends notice the change and comment on it.

Wen by Chaz began on television. The commercials show a few models having their hair washed and styled by the best Chaz Dean. His results always left people begging for their hair to look that great. He made his products available to the public to buy, purchase Wen products online on Amazon and at Sephora cosmetics stores. The products are a little more but they are worth it. They do the job and bring back a healthy head of hair after using it.

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