Crowdsourced Solution in Sweden to Wikipedia’s Text to Speech Functionality

At the KTH Royal Instititute of Technology University in Sweden’s, Stockholm, Wikipedia sought help from the speech synthesis specialists to attempt an open source text to speech platform to make Wikimedia in Sweden speak. Not only has the pilot program been successfully but a full 25% of users now deem the function as “needed or preferred.” In real numbers that equates to over 125M users a month. In an attempt to broaden the platform’s usability, Wikipedia has named Joakim Gustafson as the program head. Gustafson reports that they have built the framework around an open source speech synthesizer and that it can be used with any such synthesizer. The head of the speech synthesis department, Gustafson, anticipates the ability to substitute or add certain modules in the text to speech system. In an interview, he let slip that the TTS being open would allow that functionality to do more than just speak websites or Wiki pages.

But there will be a great demand over the new platform development which is scheduled next for the English Wikipedia pages. Due to the large amount of data on text to speech development with the English language, the true test will be in the final phase of the project. By September of 2017, Gustafson anticipates having built up the capability of a data set similarly functioning in Arabic. Currently no such system exists and the project will be providing it as a proof of concept.

The technology can only add to the growing excitement over Wikipedia’s trend in Wikipedia business page creation. Wikipedia’s publishing of private business pages provides the subject documented and verifiable stature of appearing in the worlds’ largest encyclopedia. The same can be done for sole proprietorships’ and individuals alike. The trick is getting your page published which is where hiring Wiki experts comes in handy.

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