Dog Food Industry Experiencing Health Revolution

There has been a marked increase in the attention that people are giving the ingredients in the food that they are feeding their animals. The internet especially thru facebook has given customers a platform to air out their concerns, research the ingredients in food, and help make a positive change to an entire industry. Companies like Freshpet and Beneful are doing their best to ensure that future dog food is both healthy and affordable. For a look at just how focused health has become, let’s dip into the Freshpet factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Richard Thompson is the CEO of Freshpet and one of the greatest source of advertising that the company can offer. You can’t really win over a customer base as a young company without someone who is pouring their heart into the product. Thompson is in charge of leading tours through the facility and it is here that he regularly stuns visitors by plucking off dog food from the manufacturing belt and eating it right in front of them. Nobody in the warehouse bats an eye and soon everyone realizes that the dog food actually tastes good.

Freshpet and Nestle Purinastore are both focused on manufacturing dog food that pushes for more quality ingredients within the container. Gone are the days of preservatives ruling the world and now here is the expectation of quality ingredients being used for man’s best friend. Freshpet, like Beneful, is focused on fresh ingredients and vegetables and they are entirely focused on avoiding the usage of ‘filler’ ingredients just to pad out serving sizes and make a buck.

Like all industries we expect to see continued improvements from companies looking to get an edge with their new health focused consumers. We feel like this is only the beginning of a long term evolution toward health focused foods for even the smallest pets among us. We can thank and Freshpet for leading the way.

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President Maduro Sets Up Truth and Justice Commission

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela just launched the Truth, Justice and Victims Reparation Commission to determine the source of the violence that claimed the lives of 43 people during anti-government demonstrations two years ago.

He made the announcement on the anniversary of the 2002 attempt to unseat former President Hugo Chavez. The commission will be organized by Vice President Aristobulo Isturiz. Danilo Diaz Granados posted on Linked In about his thoughts on this matter.

According to Maduro, the purpose of the newly launched commission is to shed light on the causes of the 2014 violence. He wants to prevent future coups, and therefore to bolster democracy in Venezuela. He intends to expose human rights abuses. And he wants to bring up the guarimbas blockades set up by the opposition in 2014. During the protests, in addition to the 43 deaths, hundreds of people were injured and public buildings and infrastructure were damaged.

After the protests were over, the government arrested and imprisoned 70 opposition activists, including the most prominent, Leopoldo Lopez.

In December the opposition to President Maduro gained control of the parliamentary National Assembly by promising to free the people they consider political prisoners. Last month according to Mr. Danilo Diaz, they passed a bill to free the 70 detainees. Venezuela’s Supreme Court just declared the bill unconstitutional.

Ernesto Samper will participate in the commission, an opportunity he welcomes. Samper is the General Secretary of the Union of South American Nations, an intergovernmental organization of 12 South American countries. He made reference to coming from a country, Columbia, with a long history of violence.

Maduro invited four opposition leaders to join the commission.


PolitiFact Destroys George Soros Conspiracy Theory

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee on Biography, recently called the Republican primary process a traveling clown car during an interview on the Daily Show. And she might be right, especially when you look at the recent advertisements run by The Trusted Leadership super PAC supporting Ted Cruz. It seems that the Ted Cruz campaign has stooped to a new low even after the revelation that the campaign made cold calls to Iowa Republican households falsely telling them that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race just before the Iowa caucus. This time, the Cruz campaign is lying with a television and the new targets are George Soros and John Kasich.

The attack ad shows unflattering images of both George Soros, the 85-year-old liberal financier, and Republican presidential candidate and current Ohio Governor John Kasich. The television ad claims that George Soros is funding A New Day for America on, the super PAC supporting John Kasich. The ad is trying to convince viewers that George Soros is using a super PAC to hide his campaign contributions in order to secretly fund the John Kasich campaign. It also claims that George Soros on twitter donations were made through two intermediaries, who just so happen to be former employees of Soros. And by associating Kasich with the ultra-liberal Soros, Cruz can tarnish the Governor’s conservative image and steal votes from him.

PolitiFact Ohio just ran an article interviewing political science professor Tom Sutter. The professor goes on in-length to describe all the ways that this accusation is unreasonable and downright silly. First of all, super PACs allow billionaires like George Soros to make unlimited contributions out in the open. 85-year-old man like Soros have nothing to hide and is quite telling if you read any interview with Soros, so this accusation is false. If he was financing Kasich’s campaign, he would do it more boldly, not through shady intermediaries.

PolitiFact on also did its homework on the alleged intermediaries of George Soros. It turns out that they are former employees, one currently running a hedge fund with seed money received from Soros. These former employees are not his henchmen and they both have a proven track record of political contributions to conservative candidates, including John Kasich. They just happen to be old friends of George Soros that disagree with him politically.

The ad also makes it clear that John Kasich is receiving this cash willingly. But as the political science professor points out in the PolitiFact article, John Kasich has no control over and super PAC and is prohibited from communicating with them. Another lie from the Ted Cruz campaign.

Brian Bonar Moves to Expand His Business Interests in San Diego

San Diego is renowned for its trendy lifestyle and swanky restaurant. This is even more evident in Escondido city, which located about 30 miles northeast of San Diego. The city is home to some of the best restaurants, groceries, scenic trails and public parks in the whole of California.

According to a restaurant review featured in the San Diego Magazine, the country’s best cooks are also based in the greater San Diego area. Among them is Patrick Ponsaty, a renowned Master French Chef. The success of Bellamy’s largely depends on the mastery of this beloved master chef. Brian Bonar is the entrepreneur behind the Bellamy’s bistro on Grand

Avenue, Escondido.

The Scottish entrepreneur brought a number of staff from El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn, which has for a long time been his favorite restaurant in San Diego. Some of the key staffs that were picked include; front of the house man houseman Trevor Da Costa and cook Mike Reidy, who later became the new executive chef at Bellamy’s.

The restaurant has already joined the roll of the best eateries in San Diego, thanks to its top of the range, international cuisine. The most popular cuisines include; Saffron Panna Cotta, Parsley Risotto and Mushroom Ravioli. Bonar also owns another bigger restaurant in the nearby Ranch at Bandy Canyon. He intends to transform the 144 acre piece of property into a 4 star establishment and restaurant.

About Brian Bonar

Bonar is a highly experienced entrepreneur and financial expert. According to B. Poreo Blog, his specialties in finance include; private equity, mergers and acquisition, sourcing ,venture capital and sales. Over the years, Bonar has managed to build a string of successful companies and held various executive positions.

Bonar began his business career at IBM in 1969 as procurement manager. He later became an engineer at QMS, where he was charged with leading a team of over 100 software and hardware development engineers. In September 1994, Bonar founded Bezier Systems CEO. At Bezier, he successfully created the first printer using SCSI technology.

Bonar is the current CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept. At Dalrada, Bonar guides and directs the firm’s sales and management strategy. He joined Dalrada in June 1999. Bonar oversees temporary staffing and insurance product and services at Trucept.

In May 2006, Bonar founded the San Diego based AMS Outsourcing. In 2010, PRNewswire reported that Brian Bonar was named the distinguished Who’s Who’s Executive of the Year in Finance. In terms of education, Bonar holds a BSc in mechanical engineering from Strathclyde University, and a Master’s in Business administration and PhD in international business development from Stafford University in England.

Yeonmi Park’s Long Walk To Freedom

North Korea remains one of the most mysterious and controversial nations in the world, but has recently seen a little of the veil of secrecy slip with the publication of a memoir by defector Yeonmi Park. After spending almost two years enduring a battle simply to survive the student has published a memoir detailing the journey to freedom Yeonmi Park and her mother undertook; the Amazon released memoir, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” also provides a glimpse into life within this notoriously secret society.

Yeonmi Park has seen and lived almost every aspect of life in North Korea after being born into a family that was part of the elite of the country, but found herself living with the poorest people in the country after a decision to trade on the black market by her father led to his imprisonment. One of the most shocking aspects of the book is the revelation that starvation and humanitarian problems affect people in all areas of North Korean society on an almost daily basis.

Yeonmi Park was inspired to seek out the freedoms we all take for granted after watching Hollywood movies and dreaming of the freedoms most people take for granted in the western world. In 2007, Park, her mother and sister crossed freezing waters into China and placed their lives in the hands of human traffickers; the issue of abuse and trafficking has become one Yeonmi Park has highlighted in her speeches and writings that are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Despite the success Yeonmi Park has found as a human rights activist she has not forgotten the people of her own country who remain stranded behind the borders of the communist country. Park now combines her studies with a busy life as a human rights activist, which has seen her tell her own story that can be watched on Youtube at the One World Summit in Dublin, Ireland and write for some of the best known publications in the world.



Crowdsourced Solution in Sweden to Wikipedia’s Text to Speech Functionality

At the KTH Royal Instititute of Technology University in Sweden’s, Stockholm, Wikipedia sought help from the speech synthesis specialists to attempt an open source text to speech platform to make Wikimedia in Sweden speak. Not only has the pilot program been successfully but a full 25% of users now deem the function as “needed or preferred.” In real numbers that equates to over 125M users a month. In an attempt to broaden the platform’s usability, Wikipedia has named Joakim Gustafson as the program head. Gustafson reports that they have built the framework around an open source speech synthesizer and that it can be used with any such synthesizer. The head of the speech synthesis department, Gustafson, anticipates the ability to substitute or add certain modules in the text to speech system. In an interview, he let slip that the TTS being open would allow that functionality to do more than just speak websites or Wiki pages.

But there will be a great demand over the new platform development which is scheduled next for the English Wikipedia pages. Due to the large amount of data on text to speech development with the English language, the true test will be in the final phase of the project. By September of 2017, Gustafson anticipates having built up the capability of a data set similarly functioning in Arabic. Currently no such system exists and the project will be providing it as a proof of concept.

The technology can only add to the growing excitement over Wikipedia’s trend in Wikipedia business page creation. Wikipedia’s publishing of private business pages provides the subject documented and verifiable stature of appearing in the worlds’ largest encyclopedia. The same can be done for sole proprietorships’ and individuals alike. The trick is getting your page published which is where hiring Wiki experts comes in handy.

Though currently, Wikipedia writing services have really taken the teeth out of the arduous task of formatting and perfecting one’s entry. Get Your Wiki for instance, custom quotes each page their Wiki writers for hire craft on behalf of the commercial entities or people for whom it contracts and author’s a correctly formatted, English perfected and grammar checked version of a Wiki crafted all about your business. Because they use the proper platform and editorial checklists that Wikipedia itself uses, they guarantee your money back if the page is not published. They also offer a monitoring service so that any time there is inaccurate information on your page their Wiki experts will make the necessary Wikipedia revisions. They will also take care of keeping the information on your page current and will update a Wiki page any time there is new information about the person or company.