Quest Ventures Goes Public With Slyce Purchase Proposal

The success of the Slyce company has not gone unnoticed over the last few years after the Canadian company became one of the best known in the world of visual search technology. After seeing its share price rise and the number of contracts in place or being negotiated make it one of the top technology companies in North America the Quest Ventures group has now announced its intention to take full control of the private company. Quest believes its offer to buy all the shares in the company at a price of $0.85 per share provides excellent value for Slyce shareholders.

The buyout proposal was first reported by Market Wired and includes the promise to not only complete the buyout quickly and effectively, but also to add further funding for the research and development areas of the company. The added investment in research and development will see Slyce become a major part of both the commercial and defense based visual search industry, with Quest looking to develop further the barcode scanning and recognition technology Slyce has already been working on.

Quest has already made the offer top the board of Slyce in a letter dated November 17th 2015 and included full details of the buyout proposal, which sees the total value of all outstanding shares valued at 485.17 percent of their current value. Quest believes the value of Slyce is far higher than the share price reflects, but also feels further investment is needed to push the company into a powerful position within the defense and retail industries. The launch of the Scout app will be one of the main focuses of Quest should the buyout prove successful; this app is eagerly awaited by the retail industry, whose members see it as the visual search equivalent of the Siri voice recognition software. Quest believes the development of Scout could push the value of what would become PrivateCo up to the $1 billion mark and prove a successful choice for themselves and the shareholders of Slyce.

Heart and Soul: NBA Team Owners and Their Passion for the Game

My knowledge of professional basketball extends about as far out as my pinkie finger. This is not to say that I do not appreciate the game. It is just that I do not keep up to date with all the trends, scores, and drama associated with the NBA. I would much rather enjoy watching, or playing, the game without worrying myself with such pesky details. However, there is someone that cares much more for all of that than me. A select, and exclusive, group that live and breathe their team. They are the super fan’s, super fan. They are the NBA team owners. The current roster lists 30 professional teams in the NBA. That means that there are 30 team owners. Each one of these men and women are seriously passionate people. They love the game of basketball, and their teams. This exuberance often leads to over the top displays of emotions, at courtside and outside of the arena. But, that is one of the things that makes the game great. The way that the owners complete their teams is inspiring. The owners give guidance, leadership, and are the face of the team in the eye of the media. It is like a marriage in many ways. For better, or worse, the team and its owner are a package deal. An example of such a winning nuptial is Bruce Levenson, owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson is a graduate of Washington University and American University, the latter of which accredited him with a degree of Law. He has a rather long career in the business world. This long resume includes his service on the board of directors of Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association and He also has a strong background as a writer, including stints at Washington Star and Observation Publishing. However, the highlight of his esteemed career came when he started United Communications Group. Along with co-founder Ed Peskowitz, Levenson continues to serve his company well. Like other team owners, Bruce Levenson is obsessed with the game. But his passions extend to many sports. He has a very active lifestyle, along with his wife and three sons. In addition to basketball, Mr. Levenson also participates in golfing, skiing, and other outdoor adventures. Because of this, he is equally at ease in either an Antarctic camp or a boardroom. Yet, business and sports are not all that Levenson is. Philanthropy is also a large part of his life. He serves on many boards and organizations in his community. Included in this prestigious list is the acclaimed National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Playing the game of basketball, like any sport, is about team work. Leadership also plays a major role in the game. These two exist in a symbiotic relationship, each giving and taking from one another to achieve a shared goal. NBA team owners represent a large part of this relationship and their importance can never be understated. They represent what is great about the sport.

The Ideal Shoes for Winter: New Men’s Shoes for Winter 2015

The winter season is always cold for everyone. Though you will not meet many people during this season, you still need to look classy. It is like everyone is always looking at you every day of the year. Even when you don’t notice, your clients, your boss, your girl and everyone else will always look at your shoes. So, get the right shoes for every season and add that elegant style to the cold season.

Many men’s italian shoes are made for the single reason of foot protection. They are simply pieces of leather that have been heartlessly put together and sold at a price that may be reasonable or unreasonable to the customer. However, I think you need better that this.

With the low temperatures of the winter season, everyone is looking for two major things, comfort and warmth. Paul Evans gives their customers that. Actually, Paul Evans shoes represent comfort, style and incredible value. The company offers convenience to the customers using the free shipping and return policy. This is a valuable offer since not many shoe companies do his.

So, what are the shoes that can match with the heavy winter coats? Winter shoes and boots are specifically made for this season. They will definitely help you through the winter season. Here are some of the best shoes that can go well with the heavy layers.

The Martin Whole-cut

This is one of the best shoes you’ll ever own. The shoe is made out of an Italian calfskin leather piece that has a sleek profile to the sharp look. This look will definitely impress.

The shoes have a leather lining, Blake construction, it is painted by hand, has an upper made out of Italian calfskin leather and a matching leather sole. They even come in different colors mainly Nero, Oxblood and Marrone. If you wear a size 10 dress shoe, it is advisable to order size 9 since the shoes runs full size large.

This Italian made piece of art costs $369 and they will definitely make impress the ladies in the room.

Winter boot

You can never go wrong with boots. With a winter timberland not, style meets comfort and durability. You can wear these shoes to work, to a casual date with friends or to dinner. The outer sole will keep the shoe dry and prevent the leather from discoloring even with the forthcoming snow.

Winter Sneakers

The sporty shoe is built to keep your feet warm for the winter season. These shoes come in dynamic designs that offer a crispy look to your style. These shoes are elegant for any time of the day. With comfortable material used to make the sneakers comfortable and durable, the shoes give a hint of vibrancy to the winter season.

Healthcare is Big in 2015: Companies to Watch

The healthcare industry means many different things to everyday people: service, care, management, innovation, technology. But if there’s one thing anyone can agree on, it’s that healthcare is changing and it’s changing fast. With the Affordable Care Act pressuring companies to adapt new regulations in the industry, 2015 has been an especially busy year. While some consider these changes a portent of doom, others have used these circumstances to improve their offerings, patient satisfaction rates, procedural techniques, and spring ahead of the competition. Companies such as Aetna, Amerisource, CVS Health, and Walgreens have been doing especially well of late, moving up in the Fortune 500’s list of best companies, and gaining ground within the healthcare sector as a whole.

But with such huge players battling it out, it’s hard to see anyone else getting in the way; however, certain savvy groups have managed to use market circumstances to their advantage. Nobilis Health Corporation–which specializes in affordable, minimally-invasive procedures–is one rising star to keep close watch on.

Nobilis Health is listed on both the NYSE (HLTH) and TSX (NHC) respectively. Their services include healthcare development and management of over 100 surgical centers, which provide superb medical care, high levels of patient trust and satisfaction, and lower costs for patients.

Nobilis is run by an experienced and successful team of industry veterans. Chief Executive Officer Chris Lloyd has owned and managed several successful ventures, while keeping close ties to the health industry through Athas Health LLC, which focuses on chronic pain relief. Kenny Klein, Chief Financial Officer, has almost 30 years’ experience in management, financial accounting, human resources, and auditing in healthcare, construction, and finance. Executive Vice President of Sales Patrick Yoder has been with Nobilis since 2014, having held sales leadership positions in major healthcare giants such as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic, and Intuitive Surgical. In his current role, Mr. Yoder leads in all strategies related to staff recruitment and retention. With their support, and many other’s within and without, the company has seen marked success, as shown by its value to investors.

Shares have rallied nearly 400% over the last six months, bringing Nobilis funding and bright prospects for continued expansion and exceptional patient care. In addition to monetary infusion, Nobilis has dedicated itself to streamlining services by removing bulk, repaying many outstanding debts, and developing relationships with companies such as GE Capital.

Nobilis and other like-minded companies show that healthcare in the United States has been taking off in new and innovative directions, despite what some may say about the state of the economy or any political grumblings. Before the end of 2015, it will be interesting to see how companies try to outmaneuver each other in their race to the top.

Business And Sports Combine For Bruce Levenson

Former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson, has become one of the top names in the NBA after spending a decade as the public face of the franchise following his purchase of the team in 2004. Levenson found himself taking control of the franchise with the worst record in the regular season during the 2004-2005 season and turned the struggling franchise around to become a major force within the sport of basketball. Bruce Levenson is also one of the best known and respected figures in the real time analytics industry after his co-founding of the United Communications Group in 1977.

Business has also been one of the great loves of the life of Bruce Levenson on ajc, who has broken up the sporting empire he and his fellow investors had built up with the purchase of the Hawks and the Thrashers NHL franchise. Levenson initially trained as a journalist and set out on his business career whilst still working as a reporter for The Washington Star. Working alongside Ed Peskowitz, Levenson created a new style of newsletter for the oil industry that was an almost instant success. The success of UCG allowed Levenson and Peskowitz to purchase a number of existing newsletters in the energy production industry and later expand into a wide range of other business areas.

Much like his leadership of the Hawks franchise, Bruce Levenson has never shied away from change during his tenure as the head of the Atlanta Hawks. As a business leader Levenson has made sure his company has remained an important factor in providing news and analysis for different industries, which has included embracing the possibilities offered by the Internet and other communications channels. Technology and change go hand in hand in the career of the former head of the Atlanta Hawks as he has used the technology developed for UCG to establish other business opportunities, such as GasBuddy and TechTarget.

The sale of the Hawks has been reported as being completed for around $830 million and the Thrashers sale thought to have reached around $170 million. The development of a successful franchise under the leadership of Bruce Levenson was completed with the UCG co-founder looking to established basketball figures as members of the consortium. Levenson himself played an important role in the basketball operations and looked to take the Hawks to a new level of community and charitable involvement with the basketball going public around the world.