Andy Wirth’s View on the Drought


Andy Wirth is the current President as well as the current CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. He has held this title for 5 years and has improved the ski resort so much that it is currently in the top 20 percent of ski resorts in the United States. The prior CEO of Squaw Valley was Nancy Cushing whose late-husband had procured the land from the previous owner.

One of the most pressing matters on everyone’s mind is the California drought. Millions of people have reduced water consumption through taking less showers, reducing sprinkler time, as well as water running time in general. Mr. Wirth, being the President of a ski resort, addressed the problems that he has faced with the drought with KCRW.

Mr. Wirth, being the owner of two merged ski resorts (Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows) discussed the drought through his own perspective. Despite the fact that there are some set backs with the drought, Mr. Wirth looks on this drought as being a good thing. This necessity of snow and cold weather has taught him and his team to conserve snow. When Mr. Wirth is asked how many winters his resort can remain in business, Mr. Wirth responds “an infinite number”. Despite there being less snow in the Tahoe Valley, the resort has over 6,000 acres of snowy lands to use.

Last winter, only 4,000 acres were open to the public, however Wirth is not distressed by this. Mr. Wirth even made the comment of investing in the snow making business. If anything, the lack of snow is actually good for business. If more and more ski enthusiasts realize that the Squaw Valley Ski Resort still has snow covered mountains, they will come flocking.

In addition to this, Mr. Wirth makes the comment that skiing and snowboarding are not the only activities that are open to the public. There are many festivals held on his property during the summer time which could carryout through the winter.

California has been receiving 27 percent less water than normal. This means that everyone must conserve water. This, in Mr. Wirth’s eyes is a good thing. This teaches people to conserve more and to consume less. In the long run, this should be how people use our natural resources.