Securus Is Putting Family First

Securus is putting family first when it comes to their technology. They are indeed the leading company when it comes to providing communication technology within jails. However, they have just put all of their company ambitions to the side, and they are now focusing on family. This specifically pertains to families within Louisiana.

Louisiana has recently suffered from severe weather. This has caused many people to die. Many homes have been lost and many families have been torn a part. This has greatly affected inmates in all prisons within Louisiana. Securus has issued permission for every inmate to make one phone call each day of the week. Securus believes inmates should have the same rights as everyone else when it comes to family. This means they should be able to contact their family members when bad weather destroys the area.

All of the officials that run the state of Louisiana are very happy with this decision. They, too, try to find ways to help inmates better connect with their family members. These officials believe there is no other better way to connect with their family members than through a free phone call.

Many inmates have been interviewed concerning this situation. All of these inmates are very happy that Securus is letting them make a free phone call each day. Many inmates gave their interview in tears because they were able to know their children were okay. There are also rumors going around that Securus is going to talk to officials in various states to let inmates make a phone call each day during bad weather. Securus believes jails will be more calm and filled with less anxiety when the inmates are able to make a phone call for free everyday. This also bridges a better gap between inmates and the judicial system.

Of Celebrations And The Relevance Of The Lovaganza Announcement

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

The Lovaganza Announcement that has been highly anticipated is already here and many are happy that such news have come their way. Lovaganza is planning to hold mega celebrations that will cover the whole world, cultures, beliefs, technology and other aspects of life that people can share and celebrate while learning from each other. Lovaganza just announced that the highly coveted celebrations will be held between May and September 2020 and preparations are already underway.

Lovaganza’s event will be hosted on eight major venues across different countries and will showcase the cultures and ways of life of different people across the world. A confirmation from the company cites that the event will be the biggest ever in the world and will be geared towards making impact and enhancing acceptance among various communities of the world.

Prior arrangements
Originally, the Lovaganza Celebrations were supposed to happen in 2015. However, the technical setup that was required to guarantee success was not sufficient and the company had to seek an alternative way of handling the issue to ensure maximum effect. One of the ways they could effectively pass the message would be through the extension of the deadline to allow adequate time for research and preparations.

They want the celebrations to be memorable and to relay the message as effectively as possible and this is only possible with a successful setup. Lovaganza also pushed the celebrations ahead to ensure the best and latest technology is applied in the presentations.

The Lovaganza Traveling Show
Slated for 2017, the Lovaganza Traveling Show is an event that will see proper preparations for the 2020 event. During the celebrations, the mission and goals to be pursued by the 2020 celebrations will be shared with the world. The main reason Lovaganza created the Traveling Show is to popularize the main celebrations and explain to the world the purpose of holding the event. The Show will show various trilogies prepared in different countries to hint to the people what they should expect come 2020.

About Lovaganza
Lovaganza is a large group that is made up of two sections, the Lovaganza Foundation and the Entertainment Franchise. Each of these bodies operates independently and serves a different purpose. The Foundation is more inclined to offering support to the needy especially children and ensuring they access basic amenities and services. On the other hand, the Entertainment Franchise is promoting cultures through events organized across the world.

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Hair That Bounces As You Walk By Chaz Dean And Wen

One girl tries putting the WEN by Chaz products to the test by using for one whole week and reporting the results each day. has the whole truth of the article and you can read it at
What happens to a girl’s hair when she tries using the Wen by Chaz products for a whole week? One lady did put it to the test. She purchases the cleansing conditioning product. First, the thing she does is read the instructions on the bottle to make sure she does everything correctly. She pours out what seems to be a lot of product into the palm of her hand. She jumps into the shower and washes all of the dirt and grime from her hair. The Wen product even helps to get rid of the old shampoo residue with each shampooing. The girl dries her hair each day and goes off to work like normal. By the end of the day each day her hair is healthy and bouncy.

One day she is late and needs to wash her hair that morning. Her hair is really greasy and she is running late. This upsets her a little because she does not stop to think what the grease in her hair means. It means her hair is beginning to become healthy again. She washes her hair each day and every day she notices how great her hair looks. People on the street turn to look at her hair. Her friends notice the change and comment on it.

Wen by Chaz began on television. The commercials show a few models having their hair washed and styled by the best Chaz Dean. His results always left people begging for their hair to look that great. He made his products available to the public to buy, purchase Wen products online on Amazon and at Sephora cosmetics stores. The products are a little more but they are worth it. They do the job and bring back a healthy head of hair after using it.

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A Life That Suites You With The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy has many goals in mind and always keeps the people in its best interest. Most people they help are those who are investors or entrepreneurs. Investors have the tendency to not always be on the game of the best money management. Good deals come up, some are hard to pass, but some are not the best interest of the investor. The Midas Legacy encourages and helps them to better work the money management area for them. Entrepreneurs do not always end up in the best situations as there is no telling what can happen to the economy and your business. Times get tough and add a toll to the business. By this you can end up losing everything you have worked your whole life for. The Midas Legacy helps them to head towards that better life situation everyone is always searching for. It’s not always about the finances but what the person intends this to be for.

The Midas Legacy has a special focus for entrepreneurs. They want to help with everything! All the way from making the business decisions to the financial decisions. They want to encourage those building owners so much on their own business that it spreads to even creating more jobs for others as well. When people have jobs, they too have the opportunity to better their lives just like the entrepreneur wanted when he/she started the business themselves. People are not meat to always live off of someone else, but to have the encouragement to build something of their own. To live their lives the way they intend to and give their life their best. The Midas Company wants nothing more than you to have your life at its best.

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This company has excellent research experts who help to give the best advice for retirement in the future and having you best prepared. They help all of the way to the point of minimizing taxes for investors, helping you keep what should be yours. This is all part of their wealth management plan they offer. Constantly offering more tips to help you meet your top investing goals and prepare for other investment strategies.

By becoming a member of The Midas Legacy you will receive all of the information and tools necessary to success. People will be there by your side every step of the way to help you make the best decisions and accomplish the goals of your dreams. Do not waste your time making decisions without being 100% sure. Choose this company to help boost your wealth and give you the life you deserve. The life you have worked so hard for. A life that suites you!

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The Work Of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. Their motto is “Don’t just talk, roll up you sleeves and get dirty”. Halvorssen is half Norwegian and half Venezuelan, the country in which he was raised. His grandfather Oystein, was the Norwegian King’s Counsel in Venezuela during World War 11. But, when Germany invaded Norway Oystein rerouted all of Norway vessels to the Venezuelan Port. His mother has a direct birth line to the first President of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen knows a lot about human rights. He was responsible for bringing to light the corruption that existed in the Venezuelan Government where he worked as a drug czar. His father was once abused in a Caracas prison and, his mother was shot while she demonstrated against Hugo Chavez regime. Today one of his cousins is still incarcerated there.

Halvorssen is not afraid to take a stand against corruption as he fights for the rights of all individuals. In 2010 when he visited Thich Quang, the head of the Buddhist Church in Ho Chin Minh City, he was held by the authorities and was beaten. In order to obtain his release, he told them he was a Buddhist; although he is known for being a Roman Catholic. His cameraman who escaped had to conceal the video card on his body where it could not be found.

He calls himself a Classical Liberal. Halvorssen is not one to discuss the political agenda of anyone that work with him. He just wants to know that they are on the same page and, that is to get rid of all the atrocity that plagues the world today. He hates dictators. He and his staff work tirelessly with people who live in authoritarian countries and political prisoners in all areas of the world.

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, who is known as Thor Halvorssen, was born on March 9, 1996. He also a graduate of the University of Pennslyvania. Besides being the Human Rights Founder and the organization’s President which is devoted to worldwide human basic right and freedom, he is also a filmmaker and the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum. His tireless work has gained him some high praise from a number of Newspapers globally.

3 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do To Protect Their Online Reputation


Its no secret that reputation is everything. Especially in the internet age where people can write a review on Facebook and watch it go viral in a matter of minutes. If you are an entrepreneur, no matter what type of business you are in, protecting your online reputation is one of the most important things you will ever do.

Here are 3 simple things you can do right now to protect your online reputation:

#1 – Be Proactive

The best way to protect your online reputation is to be proactive instead of reactive. Most companies wait until the damage has been done before reaching out to an online reputation management company for help. Some companies don’t even realize they have a problem until sales start declining… THEN they seek internet reputation repair. No good.

While you can fix bad reviews, it can take months, and in some cases years, to do so. That’s why your number one goal should be avoiding getting to that point in the first place. You should focus on controlling the top 20 spots in Google and all other major search engines. An online reputation management service can be helpful with that.

When you control the top 20 spots, it will be very difficult for any negative information to suddenly appear on the first page of the search engines.

#2 – Own Your Brand Name On All Major Social Media

It is vital you claim your brand name on all major social media networks before anyone else does. Even if you have no plans of posting to them anytime soon, having them is still a great way to control your online reputation. The top 7 social media platforms you should set up accounts on are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

#3 – Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization

Google rewards websites and blogs that are properly optimized for the search engines. The number one rule of search engine optimization is to create content you know your users will love. Its all about providing as much value as you can. After you provide value you can focus on sprinkling in various keywords throughout the content. This is what will tell Google what your page is all about.

The Search Fixers Can Fix Your Results

When negative press gets in the way of your business, The Search Fixers can help you get back on track. Their team of professional reputation management consultants will create content that helps you tell YOUR story the way YOU want it to be told.

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There are a lot of people who are going to need some good shampoo because their hair is such a mess. They know that their hair is not going to be healthy enough to style every day, and they usually wait for their hair to go crazy soon as after they leave the house. It is something that people deal with with some kind of resignation because their hair is so hard to deal with. did an article about how the shampoo works, and it was done with someone who has fine hair that has been a major problem. That is a thing that people need to see in action, and it really does work according to the article. The girl who wrote the article also washed her hair and took pictures, and she learned how easy it is to use Wen hair by Chaz. She is in the target audience for the shampoo, and it shows when she finished washing her hair.

Someone who is trying to enjoy their hair for the first time needs to try out Wen by Chaz, and they will notice that their hair is not shedding anymore. It will get less and less until there is no more shedding, and there will no more hair on the person’s clothes. That is a problem that can be pretty embarrassing, and it is something that people need to try out just to see how well it works. That is something that makes people look better and makes them feel better.

People who read the article are going to see shiny and pretty hair after styling, and they will want the same thing. It is very easy for hair to get healthy with Wen by Chaz, and it works fast. Every woman needs to fix her fine hair now that this shampoo is an option. Wen hair care products are Sephora available. It can also be ordered from the Total Beauty website.

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Fabletics’ Plans to Open More Stores

Fabletics is a new fashion company that majorly deals with fashionable yoga pants. Its products are affordable since they offer discounts to their customers. The co-founder of the business, Kate Hudson, designs her apparels to make the consumer feel sexy. Different types of memberships are offered by the company to its members, and the best of all is the VIP membership. VIP shoppers buy clothes at a lower price for example; they pay only 49.95 dollars for three Fabletics that have a regular price of 100 dollars.

Products from Fabletics are sold online. VIP members get a recommendation of the best outfits for them every month. The company sends a new set of handpicked outfits to the user on every first day of the month. The user logs into her Fabletics account at the beginning of the month to make a selection or to choose the ‘skip this month’ option. If the consumer fails to log in by the fifth of every month, 49.95 dollars, which is the minimum cost of an outfit, is credited to their account. The handpicked outfits are not shipped without approval, and the consumer can use the 49.95 dollars credited to her account in making a different purchase. Membership can be canceled by calling 1-844-322-5384. Customers can return products for exchange for free and a restocking fee of 5.95 dollars is charged by the company if the client asks for a refund.

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Fabletics is currently growing at a fast rate. The company has a plan of opening about seventy-five to one hundred physical stores in the next five years or less. The brand currently owns six stores, and it has a plan of opening the seventh one this spring. The stores will enable the shoppers to try the Fabletics clothing by fitting themselves and also give the company’s staff a platform of encouraging the customers to subscribe to its online service. The advantages of the online service are the great discounts that customers enjoy when the products are sent to them once a month and charged on their credit card.

The co-CEO of JustFab (The parent company of Fabletics), Mr. Adam Goldenberg, told the Forbes magazine that the firm has been receiving complaints from users who do not understand the subscription service, but currently, the complaints have reduced to about 5 to 10 per month. He still considers the complaints as too many even though the company sells about 800,000 commodities each month. This is an indicator that the customers like the program. Forbes research through the Better Business Bureau on the effectiveness of the JustFab online distribution systems indicated that the company currently receives few problems about its service. All subsidiaries of the enterprise such as Fabletics are currently listed separately.

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Mike Baur Gives Digital Startups a Boost

Co-Founder of The Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur, is giving Zurich startups a boost this fall. Many of The Swiss Startup Factory’s students will be participating in several Swiss Venture Days. October 2016 will mark the start of the first Swiss Venture Day, redesigned to highlight more great startups. Specializing in attracting and mentoring upcoming business owners in the digital sphere, Swiss Startup Factory is making an impact in Zurich.

The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that seeks new business ideas and helps enraptures turn them into profitable companies. The core team includes business owners and financial specialists. From the first pitch through the picking of a business team, all the way through product development, and even providing office space, the Swiss Startup Factory supports new business in Zurich.

According to, CTI, has joined The Swiss Startup Factory to make Swiss Venture Day a success. Currently, the company is one of the top financiers of new Swiss Startups. Mike Baur has recently accepted the post of Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. He has experience working with new business, and his keen eye for the kind of digital business that work is what has made The Swiss Startup Factory so successful. This partnership will bring his expertise to both the business and investor sides of the digital startup economy.

Mike Baur and The Swiss Startup Factory are committed to getting great new ideas and their owners in front of investors. That was the whole reason Baur left his long time occupation in the banking industry. He saw that there were so many people with great ideas. Ideas that could make profits in the digital market. The problem: there was no way for the people with the ideas to learn how to successfully build a business.

The Swiss Startup Factory is also participating in the upcoming START Summiteer competition. After coaching and business planning through the program at The Swiss Startup Factory, some startups will compete to become one of the top thirty at the START competition. The 30 best ideas will get to pitch in front of Europes most prominent investors.

Mike Baur has made it his goal to help Swiss business grab and hold a larger share of the profits available in the digital sphere. The Swiss Startup Factory is a leader in mentoring and promoting startups. Swiss Venture Day and the START Summiteer competition are two more ways that great new startups are getting noticed and funded.

What to do in the Face of Mud Slinging

If you have a career, or even a job, it is likely that at some point in your professional career, you will face some level of criticism. Whether it be from your boss, colleagues, clients, or competitors, it is nearly impossible to go your whole career without some level of criticism. But it is very important to know what to do in these situations so as to protect your individual reputation as a person and as a professional in your field.

According to, the most important thing you can do when someone is attacking your reputation is to take the high-road. If you are an entrepreneur this can be particularly difficult sometimes, because your reputation is everything that you have worked so hard to build. Without the trust of your current and potential customers, you will not have a business at all. Therefore, it is easy to get defensive in the face of negativity. However, warns that by playing dirty back, you could cause greater damage. In a recent article posted to their website, they listed the five top ways that you can avoid such disaster.

First they start out by reiterating that it is important not to get into a mud slinging match. Of course it is easy to hit back when someone strikes you first, but try to keep in mind that by hitting back, you are not actually solving anything. Try to keep your character in tact by ignoring the enemy’s comments and remarks. Secondly, they advise that it is a good idea to reassure your clients that business will continue to go on as usual. It is natural for your customers to fear a disruption in your business in this time, so you will want to remind them of what makes you great by avoiding to become distracted with the negativity. It is also a good idea to remind your customers of the current value you hold by offering them even more value. You can do this by providing more content, products, or promotions to fit your customers biggest needs. If you start to feel overwhelmed in the process, it is important to reach out for help. is an excellent resource for cleaning up bad news online if you are looking for any further assistance.